Someone ask Mark to turn his comments on?


There’s a bunch of posts from Mark today with their comments turned off, i.e.

There may be others.


It’s either @markfrauenfelder or @frauenfelder. Either we’re expecting a new book on Home-Cloning For Makers or he’s switching accounts.


Don’t you just hate it when your clone changes your password?


Hmm. How can we tell which one’s Mark Prime?


The first one? I thought the other was a troll account? Am I wrong?


Well, if it’s a good enough copy it doesn’t matter so much. Just pick one.


I assume it’s intentional. He locked a load of threads the other day too.


The first one’s got “Leader” status as well, so there’s some epic trolling going on there.


Yeah, I remember that @markfrauenfelder popping up and thinking it’s odd, since @frauenfelder already engaged us now and again…


Has Mark been getting a lot of flak in the comments recently?


My assumption was he was avoiding flak.


I think so too. No idea about why, but it doesn’t seem accidental. Not a bug I’d say.


I don’t know if its a bug but moved this to the meta category.
Also, @beschizza


Okay, I see that other people are commenting on Mark’s posts, and I can comment on other posts like Xeni’s.

Am I on the No-Fly list?


Mark being mark. I can’t imagine it being personal.


Agreed. Disqus’ comment numbering is often misleading as well. The count on the front page is never the same as the thread.



Yeah, I noticed this as well, it is not just today, increasingly over the last week or two, but much more prevalent today. I msg’ed him but haven’t heard back.

My guess was he wrote some sort of script that set the comments link/status and a change in discourse borked his automated posting script. makers, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whatever the case, I hope comments on his posts come back soon as his posts are some of my favorites!

(as are the posts of any other poster reading this comment, wink wink nudge nudge…haha!)


Boing Boing uses Discourse, not Disqus.


I remember back when it used to use Disqus…many of us old timers had to walk uphill in snow both ways to leave comments. :slight_smile: barefoot!!!

(edit: oh heck, i remember when they implemented Disqus…but i don’t go as far back as to when it was all printed on paper, those people are the original hosts when BoingWorld first opened.)