Big Motorcycle wants to make fixing your own bike a crime


How can they possibly think my “repair” work might be in any way unsafe?


Complete b.s.

My Triumph Tiger was at least 40% non-stock, I believe. If I couldn’t make it unique, it would sure be hard to enjoy bikes as much as I do.


She’ll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.


I don’t understand that. Why would that not be replaced under warranty?


I only let one idiot work on my bikes. That would be the one who is going to get his stupid ass killed if he messes up the repair. It focuses the mind.


This seems pointless. Engines aren’t fundamentally difficult…


There could be many reasons why one doesn’t want to wait for the manufacturer to install the part. Most of the people I know want something repaired immediately, not in 4-6 weeks when the replacement part arrives.
Under the strict interpretations of the DMCA, if you change any part of the software that operates any little widget on your machine, you are guilty of a criminal act… even if that software change was to effectively restore operation to the machine. Think hacking is something you have a right to do? If the factory finds out, they will cancel your warranty, regardless of whether it worked or not… and it’s all perfectly legal right now.


In college we had a guy - a PhD level engineer - who painstakingly restored a 650 BSA twin, gas flowed the head, uprated the cams and did all the usual stuff. I watched him do some of the work and it was educational to say the least. When it was finished he ran it in carefully and then took it to the local disused airfield. The back tyre came off at something in excess of 100mph. Fortunately he was a good rider, he had loads of escape space and the damage was minimal.
Do I need to say that the tyre that came off had been installed by a local workshop and they had managed to install the two internal tyre retainers under the bead?
After that the only person I let replace tyres was me, and I was damn careful about it. Same with chains and brakes.


That’s beautiful. What do you call that type of fork?


Replacing tires are one of the things I have trouble with. I have a tire guy, but I keep thinking about getting a machine.


Also, with JD, any warranty work does not include transportation to the dealership. That can be a big deal.


At first I thought a leaf girder and an earles made a baby no one would talk about, but apparently it’s a modified hossack


Ctrl+ F “Zen” :smile:


One of the most…interesting…front bike suspensions was made by Dyson - that Dyson, not the mathematician. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture on line, but it looked like your description. It was an interesting idea but it went on an enduro bike, and the combination of swinging joints and mud was not a happy one. He later went on to find fame and fortune with equally bizarre looking vacuum cleaners. I bought one of these, and shortly after the warranty expired an essential part broke for which I could not buy a spare, so I never repeated the experiment.

For one terrible moment I read that as Cossack. I think it’s a toss up whether that’s the worst bike ever built; I knew someone who bought one only to discover the head studs were mild steel.

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