A who's-who of tech manufacturers sent scaremongering letters to the Illinois legislature to kill Right to Repair


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AvE has done some Dyson tear downs – Not much in there worth protecting, it seems, other than the fact that there isn’t much there-there.


I’m not sure I get the reasoning. I bought the stuff. Not rented it, bought it. As in, this is now an object that is mine. What the fuck would lead this people to think they have any kind of right over my stuff?


Welcome to the 21st Century!

(And/or to neoliberalism, late stage capitalism, etc.)


You know how it is. You think you’re buying something but in reality you’re only buying the exclusive right to use it.


Dyson is an oddly surprising callout here. One of the badly under-advertised features of their products is the ability to almost entirely field-strip them with no tools. I’ve corrected a number of minor problems myself over the years, and I just naively assumed the ability to do so was an intentionally designed feature.


Rentiers gonna extract every possible rent.



I’m fairly certain that “extremely difficult” translates to “Expensive


…in which independent third-party servicers are granted full access to manufacturer’s software, parts and products because they could damage a product with improper part or repair.

Translates to “We wouldn’t be able to tell if the damage was done by a 3rd party repair tech or the device licensee owner.

We all know warranties are mostly either hot air as they are written to try to restrict them to parts that will almost never fail or if they do fail it’s due to consumer use… The only real reason I’ve found for purchasing a consumer electronics warranty is as a method for warding off gremlins. If I buy one for a big ticket item I’ve found that the item will work perfectly forever.


Surprised John Deere isn’t doing the same. Their lunch money really relies on killing it, and they are a huge employer in the state between the Quad Cities and Peoria.


one hat-tip to the guy who disembody the dyson and gets it back out of the washing machine… :slight_smile:


If a manufacturer tried to brace me for tinkering, I’d just hand them that vacuum (microwave, chainsaw, CAR) and tell them to stick it up their greedy assholes, right next to that congressman they paid good money for.


Bring back repair shops. Right to repair is pro-business because it helps new small businesses. That brings money into local economies.


I’m thinking “Pro-Business” to most of the GOP does not include small Business.


Pro-business from a Republican means pro-my-rich-friend’s-business. (nor are Democrats immune to the allure of graft, but the scale seems slightly smaller)


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