Big names flee Consumer Electronics Show as Omicron variant bites

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How will we ever survive without new and improved crap?


Now I have to add the Sony’s New Crap onion video


      “CES will and must go on.”


I just saw that 1 in 50 Manhattan residents have been infected with covid - in the last week. Yeah, omicron has really put a “reset” on the pandemic, sending us back a year-plus. We’re going to be seeing most public events get cancelled - and be very, very wary of the ones that don’t, because that suggests the organizers don’t care about public safety and they’re going to be super-spreader events.


If only there were some existing consumer electronics that allowed people to meet in some kind of cyber space…


This is brilliant. I don’t get it.


possibly a lemming?


I went for a short trip to Vegas before Christmas. Not exactly my first choice for a vacation, but I figured that I should go at least once.

They aren’t ready. Everything was insanely crowded, every venue packed, and nobody gave a shit about masks, personal space, or vaccination.

Even entering the US from Canada, we were never asked to provide test results even though we had to get them the day before.

It was absolutely insane. Now, it is Nevada, so it’s not like I have high expectations for adherence to regulations… but let’s just say this wasn’t the kind of trip that reset my stress levels.


I don’t know how you did that. These days I won’t even stay in a restaurant any longer than it takes to grab my takeout order. And I still caught the damn sniffles that may or may not be nothing (since I don’t go anywhere, I have no reason to obsess over increasingly inaccurate test results.)


Well, I’m back home now and thanks to Omicron our case levels are easily four or five times what things were in Vegas. I’m back to pressure-cooking lentils, wearing three masks, and never leaving my basement.

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In fairness to Nevada; your slot machine’s behavior and payout probabilities were very likely in adherence to legally mandated standards. It’s not about having your capacity for governance atrophied to the point of state failure; it’s about actively embracing misplaced priorities.

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