CDC conference cursed by Covid outbreak, 181 infected

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Stupidity. Cursed by stupidity.


Yeah, I still wear a mask when in enclosed public areas. I avoid eating and drinking indoors with strangers. I am usually one of the few people still wearing masks in these situations. Once an updated booster is available, I might risk the occasional indoor restaurant meal. But I have a history of nasty respiratory illnesses prior to covid, so am worried if I contract it I will have a rough go of it.


That’s kind of embarrassing. I mean, these are supposed to be the public health experts.


I still mask on the train, in the grocery store and at work. Pretty alone in that. Just not interested in getting sick, and masking really doesn’t bother me. We’ve got a 5 and 8yo, so avoiding restaurants is just fine with us. My elderly dad, who refuses to retire from his OR tech position at a hospital couldn’t believe it when they dropped mask mandates at his hospital.

ETA: I mentally combat the peer pressure and awkwardness by reminding myself
of all the gaslighting op-eds in early 2021 saying that people who were still concerned about COVID needed “therapy” or saying that we “didn’t want to let go of the pandemic.” I’ve given myself at least an extra year of “fuck you” masking after COVID is declared “over” in response to that bullshit alone.


I’d love nothing better than to “let go of it,” if it would only let go of the people still catching it! I’m still masking indoors when I’m around other people. The number of outdoor events with dining is increasing, though. My plan is to evaluate those based on the options for distancing. Meanwhile, the gaslighting continues:

Archive here.


I’m wearing a mask right now!

I swear, it felt like I pulled something rolling my eyes at this summary.


It’s just mean the virus spare no one, experts or not. If you don’t take precaution, this will happen again.


they had one job, and it’s right in their name. it’s hard to take the center for disease control and prevention seriously after they throw their own superspreader event.

i guess when all you have is expertise about the immune system, everything looks like a job for the immune system - hence why most of them were vaccinated but few employed any other kind of defense.


Humans. Sheesh.


Nah, seriously, a 10% attack rate is not too bad for a basically unmasked gathering. Vaccines work. But no masks in a conference like that is just tempting fate. And fate is not to be tempted.


And it appears nobody died, so yay?!


B-b-b-but I thought the pandemic was over???!!!
what a bunch of 1


I’m 68, overweight, and diabetic. I wear a mask everywhere I go, even though hardly anyone else in my small NC town does. Even in doctors’ offices, masks are not worn by the professionals until they see me masked. Mask usage is on the decline in our area, yet covid cases are on the rise. You’d think others would see the correlation, but then you’d also have to expect others to think.


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