If you’re still masking, you’re not alone!

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I was still masking, but it didn’t matter, because they weren’t masking at school anymore. And no kid wants to be the only one in the class, so he wouldn’t keep it on.
Now I don’t have to mask because I’m staying home with covid!



I just bought a new box of KN95 for around-town use. I have plenty of N95 for flying or really crowded space stuff.


I’m masking. Right now!
(And in shops, and am required to at the dentist, pharmacy and doctor’s surgery/health centre.)


Behold, the [OBJ]


Yeah, still wearing mine when in closed spaces with others-stores, theatres and so on. Don’t think I’m going to stop anytime soon.


“Normal” has nothing to do with it and my State’s carpetbagger Governor has no say in whether I mask. My oncologist is another matter entirely.


We’re still masking at the grocery store, or any place that we have to be inside. The employees in our grocery store seemed to be masking 100% again (there was a small window of 50% employee compliance when masking was first lifted).

We traveled to the Cental CA coast a few weeks back and we wore our mask everywhere. We went into a pottery gallery and they still make people mask, which is wonderful. It was weird to see so many unmasked people in the Hearst Castle visitor center and on tours. We took a smaller Julia Morgan tour and masked anytime we weren’t outside. We still avoided dining in restaurants, instead chosing to pick up food.

I’m glad we’re not alone. :mask:


Sure feels like we’re alone, though.


Staying masked for the foreseeable future.


This week I ate at an American restaurant that (still) demands proof of vaccination! And my university still requires masks for teaching. My high schoolers mask up even to walk outside.


I’m still wearing KF94s pretty much anywhere I go inside (retail, bank). Definitely one of the very very few, unsurprising since it’s Alabama. Not going out to eat unless we sit outdoors, and that will be increasingly miserable in the Alabama summer, so back to take-out only soon. Though I don’t usually mask if I visit an individual’s home mostly because I know their vaccination status and general level of caution before I do. Still try for mostly outdoor meetups.

All this is going to be challenged next week, when I go on a school trip with Kiddo to DC. We’re driving there, so no airport Petri dish exposure, but … it’s going to be germy regardless. Kiddo is super mask-attentive and boosted; I’m bringing some rapid tests with us anyway.


I still wear a mask, and a fair amount of other people do as well in my town here in western WA state, so I don’t feel like a freak.


I’m still masking and my kids are happily doing so as well. It’s an unexpected source of pride as a parent, but I’ll take it.


My county is seeing infection rates at half of what they were at the highest rate last year. The current rates are also over five times as much as the lower rates we had in January of this year. This is the second highest spike we’ve seen since the start of the pandemic. So yeah, I’m definitely masking up.

I have to go to a conference for work soon. You get a colored dot to indicate your level of comfort and distancing. I’m going with the most distancing. It’s a nice backdoor way of not having to socialize with colleagues, which is probably almost as bad as covid…


I set 10/100k daily cases and 3% positivity locally as my guideline just for when to eat at restaurants and go to movies, much less stop masking. My county was /so/ close and then the CDC and all the states threw out mask requirements. Predictably, numbers made an abrupt u-turn and now they’re the second worst spike of the pandemic. My elderly mother got covid, and my sister - a CDC employee educating on infectious diseases in Africa - got it twice. My husband and I have escaped several close calls because we always mask.

So, yeah, I’m still masking, not eating out, or going to movies (unless I can get us into an empty showing).


I’m still required to mask for work, and do anyways when out in general. Not only does this have the benefit of reducing the chances that I’ll end up sick, it also is the reason I haven’t felt like I’m dying of allergies the last three springs in a row. Spring of 2019, and all of the ones before that, I was a sneezing, headache-ridden mess of breathing problems. The last three years? Exactly two sneezes, total, and no sinus headaches at all, despite my dark grey car being bright green in the morning from all of the pollen the trees in my area dump on it.


I’ve only been masking when required or upon request, but anyone who thinks people still using masks are being “hysterical” needs to hire a backhoe to excavate their head from their ass. I have strong suspicions these are the sorts of airheaded people who were wearing their masks with their noses hanging out during the entire pandemic.


I am still masking since I easily get sick. :frowning:


Here in Japan, I still rarely see anyone who is not wearing a mask, even outdoors.