Big rigs can be hijacked and driven with software-based attacks


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I may never live long enough to figure out who the rascals were that Skynet sent back in time to convince automakers to replace physical accelerator cables with hackable software-based drive-by-wire technology. “Uncommanded acceleration” should never have been a thing.

We’re gonna have one hell of a time keeping our GoogleCars safe from the black hats, aren’t we?


Where are those Maximum Overdrive gifs when I need them?


There are some good ones out there…



This is a good thing. Truckers have unhealthy lifestyles and now they can work from home!

Good food, family, exercise…





Yeah, they made that cheezy movie several times.



Wake me up when they can make a bus do this


Sign me up for when playing Truck Simulator is a paying job and not just an occasional amusement.


Wasn’t this a Steven King novel?


shit you stole my thought before I had it! :wink:


The first large scale cyberwar, if it ever happens, is going to be very, very ugly. Probably much worse than a single nuclear bomb blast. Which is why as far as I understand, the US puts cyberwar, and nuclear attack, in the hands of the President.


Short story, but otherwise, yeah!


Some might call it “hijacking” - others might call it democracy.


Relax people. They had physical access to the diagnostic port during the “hijack”.

This is in no way like the actually frightening vulnerability that caused Jeep / Chrysler to recall a million and a half vehicles.


Why aren’t these hackers behind bars? Also, do they still say “big rig?”