Big Tech loves disruption, when they're doing the disruption

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Using the law to secure a monopoly is at least as old as the Republic. I don’t know much sixteenth century corporate history.


I have a feeling this thread could get messy…


What else is new?

I love BB, but certain aspects will always be an annoyance; starting with the perpetual one-upmanship, consisting of various members vying to “prove” how they’re ‘always the smartest guy in the room’ (when they are usually the most insufferable blowhards which people tend to avoid IRL.) Then there are the pedants, both self-admitted and those who are unapologetically obtuse to the fact that they are not “advancing the conversation,” but merely taking up space & keystrokes. There will likely be obvious trolls who have started new accounts just throw their two cents worth in, as if anyone here could actually be swayed by the opinion of some unknown rando doing a drive by analysis. And of course, there are the voluntary ‘devil’s advocates,’ even the devil needs no advocacy and never has…


It’s true. There could be a deck of cards depicting each type of denizen found on boing boing bbs. Would be a fun project.