Big U.S. news media Twitter accounts amplify Trump's lies uncritically 19 times a day: Study

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Journalists “end up amplifying falsehoods.”


It seems that Twitter is a disinformation and lying machine. It might be time to dump Twitter.




When this is all over and the history and analysis is written, the American MSM is going to be called to account for a major share of blame for this disaster. The time is long past when they can claim to have merely been observers.


that is way lower than I would have guessed.

To be fair, it’s a lot of lies. If you tried to counter every one, I doubt you’d have time for anything else.


Hmmmm… it’s almost like all that “Liberal Media” is primarily owned by extremely rich people who, while not all Republicans, overwhelmingly are about the $$$ that they EXPECT from the Republican party.

A democrat is just a republican who hasn’t made any money yet.
A republican is just a democrat who hasn’t had to deal with the police [state] yet.

Either that, or they will have to come to grips with the idea that “merely observing” the onset of a fascist dismantling of huimanity’s fragile sense of society is morally wrong.

Um, you’ve heard of “liberal elites” right?

Um, you’ve heard of the tea party, right?


At this point the Press should consider everything that trump says is a lie unless research proves otherwise.


Everybody just woke to the fact that Twitter is the fuel for tRump’s dumpster fire? Really…


Ummm…and you think either of those things are like the other, at heart? “Liberal Elite” != Democrat (follow the money). Tea Party definitely != Republican (I once would have said, follow the racism; now…?). Doesn’t matter if their voting record in our only-two-parties-so-pick-the-slightly-more-palatable-poison system happens to align. Yes, there are outliers that DO match, but broad sweeping statements should always be considered to have exceptions to the rules.

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Exactly. They seem to have forgotten the primary role of a free press in a democracy. How hard would it be for the opening line of a story to be “Trump lied today when he tweeted X”, instead of “Trump tweeted X today”?


I watched msnbc at noontime last year and that was about the time that the dear leader allows the press in for the “pool spray” I discovered.

I thought Andrea Mitchell was a credible journalist, well that completely changed my opinion of her. The “pool spray” as I discovered is the opportunity for old fat ass to say ridiculous things for the camera and demand praise from the assembled underlings.

Well, Andrea Mitchell was like a hog at the trough when it came to getting that “breaking news” she didn’t care whether it was truth or complete bullshit coming from Trump’s lips, she just wanted the goods.

They don’t let all the press in for the pool spray I discovered, only a select few each day. So those ones are tweeting out the lies he’s spitting verbatim to the rest of the people and then they are rushing to be the first ones on air to repeat them.

So Andrea was getting the play by play from the correspondent, and all the while she was reassuring me that as soon as they got that tape back and rewound from inside they would run it, so I should not worry, I should not change the channel.

Then she went back to interviewing her regularly scheduled guest, only to exasperatedly interrupt them a minute later to say sorry sucker, but they got that tape cued up and that takes priority.

And then they proceeded to play the entire thing uninterrupted for 45 minutes. 45 minutes of straight bullshit. And there was no fact checking on the other end of it. Andrea was gone by that time, her hour was over.

I went on twitter and wrote to their account and asked them why they were complicit in spreading this propaganda but I got no reply. I don’t have enough followers to get a reply.

I think that they were doing this crap every day that they have pool sprays, I don’t know though, I renounced cable news for a New Years resolution and I feel much much better.

No surprise for those who pay any attention to the news media and know what’s actually going.
And I’d guess the numbers are worse for what gets published, broadcast and discussed.

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