Bike light with laser cannon creates a glowing, personal bike-lane


Those lanes are far too narrow! You’re inviting motorists to pass too close for safety: the Highway Code requires you give at least as much room when passing a cyclist as you would a car.


That’s no laser cannon. This is a laser cannon.


The idea is good, but what do I need a marker on the right side for . And as Brunel stated the stripe is far to narrow.

Way, way too narrow.

Cycling invites crapware. It’s a GREAT piece of crapware.


My jigsaw came with a laser cannon. All I wanted to do was cut some wood, now I’m part of some futuristic cyborg army.


Will this so-called “laser cannon” vaporize cars that crowd me? Because that right there would be the killer app for bike commuting, literally.


Lots of these doing the rounds. shame the makers haven’t sat in a car behind the bike - the laser lines on the ground will be virtually invisible from that angel/distance esp against on coming traffic.


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Ever passed a car in Boston? That looks about right by those subjective standards.


That was my first thought too as cyclist+driver, it’s a complete waste of laser.

In some countries, they drive on the right. In other countries, they drive on the left. In India, you would want to buy a second set to cover you front and back, too.

I’ll be counting the comments until the driver vs. cyclist war renews.

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Get two of these. A cheap laser ‘spirit level’ from the DIY shop will do.
On a bike it’s proably just a gadget, but projecting a laser line on the floor is perfect for keeping the correct distance from a dart board.

Wow, laser cannon obviously means something different to these people. I had visions of blowing holes in asshole drivers who almost kill me when they drive through stop signs, not these passive aggressive little lines on the ground.

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A bike passing a queue of cars is slightly different, requires less space.

To my eye, all this thing says is “I only need this space, please crowd me up to the lines”; my more cynical friend thinks they look like targeting brackets.

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Useless except for the fact people see you a little more clearly. I’m in the cycling industry and tried one of these just for the sake of seeing how it worked.

As a lane mechanism it’s not so great, not nearly as wide as the 6 foot lanes I’m used to. However it did make me far more visible. I look at cars to see where they’re going, what the drivers are looking at, etc. In the case of this light I saw lots of people looking at me and the light.

If it’s a poor product it’s the fact it might be to distracting to drivers trying to figure out what the hell is going on…

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I’d much prefer an EMP cannon that fries the circuits of any vehicles that treat my life and well-being as an incidental issue. But I think that might not help with the whole ‘bikers are people too’ PR that needs to happen.


As others have said this “laser” is completely useless in the real world.

This is a far cooler and much more practical application of LEDs


Join The System’s call to arms…

Become a bike sniper.

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The projection should look like a row of dots lighting up as you go by. They need to be 3 or 4 inches in diameter. A little farther from the bike. One projector on each side that can be turned on or off.

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I agree about needing to be in front. These things cover the length of the bike only, but do nothing to show where you’re about to be, and as such, do nothing to stop you getting cut off. Realistically they’re just fancy lights that might make you a little more visible. They hardly qualify as a “bike lane” though.