Bill Gates recommends 5 "good" books to read during "lousy" times

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My favorite book from the last year or two was All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufmann. Not a superhero book in any way you’d think it is, it’s instead one of the most surreal stories about love I’ve ever read. It’s short, sweet, and cute. A perfect read for times like these.

…I think I’m going to go re-read it now.

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In the spirit of recommending good media, I would follow up his book recommendations with a recommendation of Episodes 45 and 46 of the podcast Citations Needed. I found it revealed a blind spot of my own in terms of my media consumption. Adam, one of the hosts of the podcast, summarized the point of the episodes as:

In this two part episode we’re going to ask how much Gates’ network of patronage effects his coverage in US media, which is broadly overwhelmingly positive and uncritical of Bill Gates. We want to figure out how you can be critical without sort of being too paranoid or too cynical and what the true nature of the capitalist ideology that animates Bill Gates, how it manifests, and how oftentimes it ends up harming the very people it ostensibly aims to help.


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