Here are some books Bill Gates recommends we read this summer

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Can’t we just read a list of recommendations to read?


Waaaiit a minute, isn’t Bill Gates the guy who invented Coronavirus for the Reptilians so he could get rich forcing everyone to take the Obamagate chemtrails vaccine? And now he’s trying to get people to READ? Nice try, pinko!


Here’s a book I recommend Bill Gates read this summer


And I’m planning to finally watch I, Claudius —a 1970s BBC series set during the Roman empire

I just rewatched I, Claudius along with Maxfun’s I, Podius podcast. It is a masterful show that very much resinates still today. It is totally worth a watch.


And an utterly awesome cast: the Master, the Doctor, Captain Picard and Prince Vultan.

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I listened to the podcast without watching it, and it was still pretty funny. Notably I’m already a fan of both hosts so it didn’t take much for me to listen to them doing something else.

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That’s a pretty solid list of books as far as I can tell. Disregarding them because the suggestion comes from Gates seems foolish.


Elliott and Hodgman are great. It is really amazing to listen in in “real time” as they struggle with the show’s themes.

Spoilers I guess? No one is a hero and things end poorly for everyone. No matter how good your intentions, power corrupts. In the end we all die alone.

I wonder what gates thinks of The Platform ?

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Here are a couple of biographies of Bill Gates…

…that might make you wonder why so many people idolize Bill Gates.


I recommend “Klondike” by Pierre Berton. Swiftwater Bill Gates plays a role, somewhat of a swindler, but not as bad as Soapy Smith in Scagway. He has his redeeming points.

Bill Gates is out of Seattle.

Though to ruin the story, apparently no relative of the computer kid.

I can’t remember if Grandpa Trump (or is it Papa Trump?) Is mentioned in Berton’s book.

Swiftwater Bill appears in James Mitchener’s book about Alaska, and maybe even in one or more of Jack London’s books. Both were in the Yukon at the same time.

Also Manimal, though I don’t have a photo from Clavdivs.

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Here you go:


Some more I forgot:



The Saint!


Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam!



Cloud Atlas is a real banger of a book. To a lesser or greater extent I’ve enjoyed all of David Mitchell’s books but Cloud Atlas is probably the one that best skirts the line between experimental and traditional narrative.

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