Bill Murray's bringing back bell bottoms with 'Bill-Bottoms'


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Bill Murray sure seems to love being alive.


You would too, if you were Bill Murray!


Of course, if you wear these on a golf course, you certainly won’t seem any more odd than anyone else.



oh god is it terrible if I want these




Okay, so we have an ageing film star on a golf course advertising a brand of 70’s fashion, which gets the media because it is named after him, and we are cool with that? It’s Bill Murray, and yes we are.

How does he do that? If he can get away with that, maybe he can become president…


We got you, babe.



but i’d rather have steak and water than effin’ bellbottoms.

i’m getting to the point that this semi-colon tattoo won’t cover it


Which was the B-side to Layla - well, for the UK single, anyway - I still have that 45 around here somewhere…


He’s got a flair for the absurd.


he sure is, he sure is…

(…also, i fixed your misplaced “s”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Now, I love the man. I really do.
But are we sure this is a good idea?


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