Bill Nye answered years-old Twitter questions, then filmed them

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I loves yous Bill Nye!


My favorite part is him mispronouncing everyone’s user names. :slight_smile:


Eh… On the first question, he really should have pointed out that 70 degrees in February isn’t, in and of itself, exactly evidence of global warming either.


This surely must be intended as subtle advertisement for his Netflix talk show that starts tomorrow.
Haven’t seen much else in the way of promotion for it.


I appreciate how he manages to point out that there’s no evidence that non-organic and gmo foods are bad for individual consumers’ health, but there may be other valid reasons not to eat them.

Yup, the crop mono-culture thing is my big concern with GMOs, not some nebulous fear of cancer or inadvertent genetic mutation from its consumption. Well, mono-culture and the lockdown of all farming by BIG farming with no competition.

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