Bill Nye: "5 Things You Need to Know About Climate Change"


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We’re f%<$ed.


Couldn’t resist. With nothing but admiration and respect, Mr. Nye.

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Mars and Venus are starting to look better and better, aren’t they?


Venus and Mars are all right tonight…


Get thee hence to the PNG/JPG thread with that, please:


Mea culpa – not a regular poster, somewhat irregular lurker, didn’t know about that. Will edit the original post.


I think they meant that you should also post it in the bank. Not delete it from this thread.


No, you don’t have to delete it from here! Apparently it was a really good jpg, so you were being told to ALSO add it to our library of images.


Yeah, what @JonBristow said! I just meant that I liked it and thought it should go into our public resources!


Is this the kind of content that’s supposed to be slowly disappearing from NatGeo now that Rupert owns them?


Shhh. He didn’t notice this video yet.


Bill Nye for Secretary of Energy.


Fuck that noise, I’m voting for the deGrasse Tyson/Nye (or vice-versa, they both should be either/or/and president or veep) ticket for POTUS!


Wait! What? No!!!
Bring that pic back!
Then post it in the other thread for future reuse!

[size=10]Thank you.[/size]


Hugs. We are weirdos, post anything–literally anything–you want. I post hurdy Gurdys, jazz flute, and fish puns. You’re cool :smile:


The ultimate example, in my opinion, is that anybody who earns over the median income is a hypocrite if they talk about income inequality; anybody below the median is engaging in the politics of jealousy. With this magic, almost any issue can be made to vanish!

  1. There
  2. Is
  3. No
  4. Climate
  5. Change

The deniers have a far easier bundle to grasp.


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