Watch Bill Nye read mean Tweets about himself


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Bill Nye is a superhero.


Bill Nye is a SUPER HERO, and I thought that first, you only wrote that first!


Damn it, now I need to go calculate exactly how trippy ‘fuck’ might be… this could take hours!!!


I’m thinking science or possibly math would be helpful.


Wait! What is the answer to the paint question? It’s from the top, right, the top?


God damn it. Now I want to paint something and see how it dries.


science and possibly math are algore conspiracies.


We are going to have to isolate our variables. If it is in a sunny location or an area with temp stratifications I would predict top. But without those…wouldn’t the increase in volatile gases near the top insulate it or increase pressure from off gassing more? Therefore the bottom will dry first?

I am of course assuming the gases are lighter than normal air.


Fuck it. paint a sphere in a vacuum in zero G. It all dries the same.


…A sphere in a vacuum still has temperature… and if there’s a single light source, then there’s going to be a temperature gradient on its surface.


obviously no light, and we will have to surround it in a Dyson sphere made of neutron stars.

Isn’t that how all physicists assume the universe works? (Insert joke about Spherical Cow here).


I can’t remember who it was who coined the term (I have the feeling it was Von Neumann, because Feynman mentions this in his biography), but it’s perfect for a physicist to say: “you’re a spherical asshole, because you look like an asshole from every direction and orientation.”


One of the best “Mean Tweets” videos I’ve watched. Let’s all do cartwheels for voodoo!


(Opens notebook, jots quote down for future use).

Thank you >:)


Didn’t Algore battle Godzilla once?


Well it’s alright but no Dawkins reading his hate mail, that’s in a different league.

Children of Abraham: tell us what you believe atheists believe

First; assume a perfect sphere …


“Because most of the letters were written by religious fundamentalists, viewer discretion is advised”

So much for “my god gives me a moral compass. You’re a hateful evil sinner without god.” :grin:


Algore rhythmically speaking, of course.