Bill Nye cuts a rug



I’ve never watched the show. Do we have to wait a week to find out if the viewing audience saved his chance of advancing?

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You don’t have to watch – you can vote 12 times on facebook, 12 times at abc and 12 times via phone.


so I’ve been told…


he’s blinding her with science! :smiley:

Come on, it had to be said. I think she likes him.


If he doesn’t get at least 1 date out of this with all that strong game, then there is no hope for nerds.


I believe swing dance is one of Bill Nye’s primary hobbies. My wife went to a monthly swing-dancing get-together when we lived in Pasadena and we would often see him there; there was usually a long line of Caltech and JPL women in their 20s looking to get a dance with him.


How crappy is it that the female judge made a point of breaking with the other judges to praise Bill, even calling him “the heart of the show”, and then rated him a measly 5?


Are you serious?? I lived in Pasadena for like 8 years and I had no idea I could have snagged a dance with BILL NYE.


When I’m dancing close to her
I can smell the chemicals

Looks like he’s got dancing…

( •_•)>⌐■-■

…down to a science


He’s poetry

( •

In motion.


Good Heavens’s Miss Strecklein, you’re beautiful!

Speaking as a former competitive ballroom dancer, I’m afraid that Bill Nye isn’t very good. His technique is terrible, footwork sloppy, and his steps are much too big for cha cha. It looks like he’s an ok social dancer and he knows how to lead, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to competition, especially for something like cha cha, which requires snap and precision. In social swing, you can be pretty loose, and he’s clearly used to that and hasn’t figured out the control that cha cha requires.

It’ll be interesting to see if he does any better at the Standard dances - waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, and Viennese.

Also, he was creepy at his partner in the opening segments, with that “sexual tension and evolution” comment. Ick.

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Not that I ever watched the silly show, but he isn’t exactly going up against Astaire and Rogers.

The only thing you’ve ever smelled is chemicals. Unless it’s an olfactory hallucination, but that’s other chemicals making you think you smelled a chemical. Sorry. Pet peeve.

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I’m a bit disappointed that they are going with the Jerry Lewis version of a “scientist.” Hopefully they’ll let that go if he continues in the series.

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I didn’t think it was possible to love that man any more than I already do. Dang, I got palpitations.

They gotta get Neil Tyson next season.


you FOOLS! don’t you understand, this is OUR CHANCE for geeks and nerds and science LOVERS to absolutely stack the deck, load the voting, and beat out those smarmy drama-dance-athletes once and for all! Vote early, vote often, set up scripts to e-vote!


looks like we need to vote on mondays