Billboards are using sensors to identify, target and track individuals


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And also, can’t wait till my phone starts interacting with this shit


We knew it was coming:


Note to self: Make a raspberry PI box to spew mac addresses and bluetooth id’s to fuck with these systems and put it in a Altoids tin. Something like a Minti-Jam box.



A good reminder to go back to the dumbest phone possible next time I have to get my own


Every sensor they add is another pathway to fuck with them. Let me check my notes…

Chaff Box


  • An app to confuse wifi MAC trackers by picking up and spoofing MAC addresses from passing phones, then spoofing those MAC addresses, ruining the location tracking.
  • Multiple Chaff Boxes will tend to exchange MAC addresses, spreading the confusion.

Raspberry Pi

  • A Raspberry PiW should be able to support this, if the hardware supports monitor mode.


  • Monitor mode hardware.
  • Support for sending AP polling packets with spoofed MAC addresses.


I like all kinds of things I don’t like just to be amused by what they then try to sell me.


Who ever stood in front of a billboard?


Step 2: sell one to mocon.


Sometimes I’m really bored.

And high.

But mostly high.


I wouldn’t really call The Space Merchants cyberpunk seeing as it was published in 1952 and all. Good novel that holds up pretty well IMO though, and definitely relevant as the space merchants in question are advertising execs.


As with PKD’s work, it’s not officially cyberpunk but it would translate easily to a cyberpunk setting with all the megacorps, consumer brand narcotics, indentured servitude, and underlying misery and dread. All they need to add is a Facebook-like walled-garden version of cyberspace.

I’m sure it was a strong influence on some of the cyberpunk writers, just as its indirect prequel (Kornbluth’s short story “The Marching Morons”) was an influence on directors like Paul Verhoeven (“Robocop”) and Mike Judge (“Idiocracy”).


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This isn’t new, I remember this being used on billboards in railway stations over here a couple of years ago. Caused a minor outrage, forgotten about the next week. Nothing changed, of course.


Great idea! Three things:

  1. we need it to also send out sound at 18kHz-22kHz wavelengths to block ultrasonic tracking via mics (so it needs a speaker).
  2. Altoids tins are effective Faraday cages, so a bad idea for this purpose :slight_smile:
  3. CCO is getting the proximity of people to billboards directly from a cell data partner (was AT&T, not sure who now). That data is then correlated via Cuebiq and Ubimo (for the shiny RADARView map)


What’s new(ish) isn’t the proximity tracking, but the correlation and mapping of the data via partners that slurp it from mobile app trackers (and other sources). See CCO RADARView.


Ever walk, bike, or drive through a city? CCO brags about owning billboards and using this tech in places like Times Square.