Billions on the line as Facebook loses appeal over violating Illinois facial recognition law

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Well sure, but


Because Facebook is all about giving people control over their privacy. I don’t what you are thinking. They’re paragons of personal privacy. Why. I never.

It would be great if this could end Zuck’s empire. But I don’t really believe it will.


I will object strenuously to anyone ‘tagging’ me without my permission, on Facebook or any other social media. I like my little bit of anonymity.


Facebook has hinted that it will take the case to the Supreme Court next.

They’re smart to do so, given that Roberts always sides with the other conservatives when it comes to protecting the rights of corporate “persons”.

I’ll support corporate “personhood” when they put one in jail for 99 years


FB’s facial recognition algorithms are rubbish. Any time I post a picture of myself - with full beard, located in the North of England - FB tags it as one of my friends, bare-faced shaven, who lives in Arizona. Yeah, stiff the bastards for rolling out this shit.

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