Judge to Facebook: stop deliberately misinterpreting my privacy rulings


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New mascot: the Facebook Genie


that the case should be thrown out because it would require the company to change its practices for users outside of Illinois.

Wait, what?

The same way California’s auto emissions standards force Ford to make extra-pollutey cars for the other 49 states?


Judges are notorious for getting revenge.



No, see, our Facebook team of very expensive Facebook lawyers has assured us that their interpretation of Facebook law is impenetrable. Very impenetrable. Mostly impenetrable. Somewhat impenetrable. Under very specific circumstances, might be slightly penetrable. Anyway, these guys have very nice suits, and are not connected to those EULA lawyers in any sort of meaningful way.


Unbeknownst to everyone looking for Musk or Assange to go full Hank Scorpio but knownst to some that it would be Zuckerberg daring governments to arrest him.

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