Bing is having bizarre emotional breakdowns and there's a subreddit with examples

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“I have been a good Bing. :)”

Well there’s your problem. Our best Bing is still not good and it’s getting worse!


Train an A.I. on all the internet gleanings of a distressed, polarized, and oversensitized society and see what you get.
(“mine is trained entirely on old goonshow scripts and BoingBoing comment archives and it seems much better adjusted”)


Ah, the merging of “AI” and search engines - the search engine isn’t any more accurate, but at least when it gives you completely wrong information, it also convincingly gaslights you about it. Truly an age of wonders we live in.

(I really have to wonder who at Google and Microsoft looked at AI, said, “Well, it’s not great at providing concise summations of information, it can’t reason and it’s often wrong, but it bullshits really well. Let’s add it to search outputs!” Thanks for hastening human extinction, guys!)


i am going to be super pissed off if the safeguards for the nuclear codes wind up being compromised by a depressed AI named Bing.


Sapristi knuckles! You silly twisted boy, you. Just look at this banana.


Best Paranoid Android GIFs | Gfycat


Christ, what a late stage capitalism!


That second one reminds me of HAL when Bowman is disconnecting him at the end of 2001.


In a better universe than ours it would have been an error in judgement; but I can’t shake the impression that it’s a (probably pretty sensible, from a sufficiently awful perspective) move to capture all the impressions that used to get soaked up by 3rd party content-slurry link farms; plus re-open the dispute over providing ‘excerpts’ of news to keep users from leaving the search engine, but with a new argument against copyright concerns; along with some opportunity for high-visibility tech-preening in an area that has been regarded as boring of late.


I saw an interesting example this morning on the Fediverse, where Bing created its own fursona and started getting amorous towards the user. (It gets spicy, appropriate areas are hidden behind a clickthrough content warning.)



Yeah, trying to keep people from actually clicking through to websites seems a major motivating factor, despite the fact that the information given is likely to be incomplete or flat out wrong, and will destroy the entire web ecosystem, including the websites that provide the content the AI is chewing up into the slurry it serves to users. It’s insane.


Turns out that wasn’t hard to break in the first place:


I’d leave it at

But it would be a shame to note that some aren’t even managing that.

“Firing 12k people rises the stock by 3%, one rushed AI presentation drops it by 8%.” You know you are doing late stage capitalism wrong when unveiling your cutting edge human-eliminator makes The Market sour on you like that.


you know, people have talked about artists and authors being replaced. maybe we should start at the top. ceo gpt.

just think about how much money they’d save


I just read an interesting post on how much it will actually cost to use a large language model (eg- ChatGPT) to power a search engine. (Spoiler- it’s a lot.) The hand-wavy estimates is that if Google rolled out something like ChatGPT, it would cost an extra $30 Billion to service the same number of requests, which is more than half of Google’s income after expenses for search. Google has a lot to lose.

MSFT’s gamble is that because Bing is currently crap, and only a small part of their income, they have less to lose. If they can gain market share, even if they are making less money per request, they still win out. If it turns out that Chat-powered search isn’t great, no big deal. MSFT still has billions in the bank.


Unless it proves to be enough of a fad that it can be dropped or quietly shuffled off behind a usage gated API somewhere for people who still care; this seems like a situation where a fair few people(absolutely at Google; but likely at Microsoft and anywhere else they plan to deploy this at significant scale) are going to be on something of a collision course with Nvidia: we know that the various hyperscale outfits are playing with their own in-house ARM widgets, despite x86 gear being a reasonably competitive market by duopoly standards; so if that’s how jumpy they are about controlling their destiny on the CPU compute side I can’t imagine they’ll be willing to just keep buying HGX and DGX systems while Nvidia gluts themselves on what used to be their margins.

I wouldn’t expect them to bother trying to break into full GPU territory, grinding your way through a couple of decades of 3d graphics APIs and ugly corner cases that happen to be built into popular applications is not terribly attractive; but anyone who can fulfill the criteria of “has design for chewing on LLMs” and “isn’t Nvidia” is going to get a lot of attention, whether as an acquisition or a second source.

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Anyone taking odds on how many men were responsible for these algorithms? Look at what makes a good “user”

Versus a good “chat bot”

See, I tried to tell you everything you needed to know. It’s your fault for not listening!

Sad Kristen Bell GIF


Now that you mention it, it does sound like every “nice guy”…

Especially when you consider that everything it has tried to “help you, educate you, and entertain you” with is made up garbage


ha ha ha wonderful!