Biodegradable single-use cardboard drones for remote deliveries

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One-way cheap delivery of “medicine”, huh?


Hurray for cardboard!

A few thoughts: make it orange for visibility white circle red cross or crescent. Make it out of edible materials (3D printed gingerbread like high protein biscuit with vitamins and a statin, mb low dose aspirin). Bioengineer a big juicing vat grown muscle that powers a tiny crank that spins the propellor etc. That way when it arrives, you have bread and meat… what next… maybe include brewers yeast and you could make beer or bread out of the stuff by adding water and either fermenting or kneading/baking. The skin of the thing is a removable film that doubles as a child’s poncho.


Bill the Galactic Hero:


Are those the same guys who built those shitty tape recorders for the Mission: Impossible team?


I am a little worried that once things leave the confines of Darpa and are assigned to a defense contractor the following things will happen:

  1. Manufacture will take place in a supply chain spanning at least 48 states.
  2. Individual units will end up costing around $700 000 each.
  3. Somewhere along the chain, a rocket motor and lasers will be added.
  4. The final product will be too heavy for the launch vehicle.
  5. The landing impact will destroy the cargo.
  6. Twenty years later an urban myth will arise that while the US was delivering medicine by pilotless vehicles costing $700 000 each, the Russians were using paper aeroplanes steered by trained cockroaches.

Came for this reference. Was not disappointed.


“Look at that vent in Spleen!” Yep, I read the book.

“…a small fleet of the cardboard drones…”

That actually sounds kind of ominous.


Cockroach-steered paper aeroplanes don’t hold a candle to Skinner’s Pigeon-guided missiles.

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Better remove the Red Cross or they will get sued.

I finally saw a drone commercial I actually liked.


Can’t tell if sarcastic or satirical but I actually like this idea.

Spock speculates that Thelev and the attacking ship were of Orion origin and the speed and power of the latter were consistent with a one-way suicide mission, with all energy dedicated to attack and none for defense.

You see? You’ve already started the mission creep.

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Skinner was first; wouldn’t that make it mission creep but in reverse? :slight_smile:

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