Bird Scooter tried to censor my Boing Boing post with a legal threat that's so stupid, it's a whole new kind of wrong


You might have reached beak bird pun right there.


Yeah , toucan play at that game.


Now you’re just parroting the talking points.


I keep heron that, but I dunnock if its true. I mean, its easy to snipe.


Don’t be a tit.


This.These turkeys may be stork raving raven cuckoo, but if we quail at their threats, they will just goose it up next time. We mustn’t stick our heads in the sand.

[edited to add “raven”. C’mon, could you have resisted?]


I am in love with you all, and you have restored my faith in humanity.


On a more serious note, what do people think about the idea of a ballot initiative to make it so that people like Linda Kwak would lose their license to practice law in California for doing shit like this?


What a peep show!


I was going to post some kind of bird pun, but I chickened out.



Yeah, maybe we should tweet about this.




Finally, someone taking this as seriously as it should be taken.


Is signing a go-fuck-yourself response “Very truly yours” the legal equivalent of “Bless your heart”?


Quite probably.

Bird’s lawyer completely missed the phrase “legally acquired” in the original article; If they were that protective about their hardware, then why did they let the city auction them off instead of paying the fines and getting them out of the impound lot?

Just saying.


if your business model is threatened by free speech (ie. mentioning and linking) you’re going to have a bad time

(and lack of funding eventually for the whole stupid business, yay)


To summarize the comments, I have prepared an infographic.



The bar association itself would shoot it out of the sky even if such a proposition got on the ballot.

The closest you can get for this result is for a judge (a “beak” as they sometimes call them in England) recommending review proceedings or disbarment for an attorney who wastes his time in a particularly egregious way.

Otherwise, there’s always this existing remedy in CA:


That would raise a lot of hackles.