Bird Scooter tried to censor my Boing Boing post with a legal threat that's so stupid, it's a whole new kind of wrong


Bless this thread…


Way to cry foul.


Goog on ya.


I can’t emphasize this enough - situations like this really are existential threats to independent orgs like Boing Boing - the costs to defend are just too high. If you don’t already, please consider supporting the EFF today.


Filing borderline-frivolous claims like these seems to be a common last-ditch effort for companies trying to salvage a few pennies before their creditors finish chewing them up and crapping them out.

The letter probably cost them $100 and was a cheap gamble. Had you cooperated, they would have had one more bit of manufactured evidence that might help convince a gull-ible investor or creditor of the viability of their plan to recover some money via lawsuits. If it failed, they still only lost $100. The bad publicity isn’t even a factor, because their investors are neither happy nor mutants, and will never see your article.


I actually did post a pun, but I decided to pullet.


It seems the vultures are circling.


Thank you, kind soul, for collecting all of these.


The EFF is definitely an ally to crow about.


Litigation trolls can’t ruffle our feathers.


Puns aside, the Bird letter is so wrong in so many ways that it’s hard imagine any lawyer thinking that it would pass the bird-pun test.


Came here expecting sea-bird puns (possibly involving petrel). I am disappoint. Stones have been left unterned.
Never apologise for a birb pun.

Je n’egret rien.



Don’t be shy. The moa the merrier.


The difference between this and the thread at Ars is pretty shocking.


Not just some fly by night punsters that’s why.


One of the best ever! This thread must be saved for posterity. Anything less would be robin’ future generations.


O rhea-ly? My tern: I hope yer speaking with condor, and not just puffin air? (I hope that doesn’t read like I’m tryin’ to skua you. If it does sound that way I’ll eat… I’ll eat my hat.)

The stork reality is that I kinda care more about the boid puns than Cory’s article at this point.


Just took a quick skim (link here). It is shocking, in that a small handful of commenters there seem to be arguing that this patently absurd demand letter has merit. So instead of indulging in silly bird puns, they’re stuck explaining to those doofuses what everyone here already understands.

Also, I am very sorry you as publisher have to deal with this nuisance. Even with the support of the EFF and colleagues like Cory and orenwolf and the rest of the Happy Mutants, a lawyer’s letter can ruin an independent publisher’s day. I hope it resolves without too much of a headache.


If given a choice between the nerds at ARS and the ones here on BB, I’ll pick the happy mutants everytime.