Bitcoin’s software had a bug that could have wrecked the cryptocurrency

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So what you’re saying is that it’s all better and now is a great time to invest?


Too bad. Could have gotten rid of this energy hogging nuisance.


On Tuesday the developers released a patch to fix the problem.

That’s so twentieth century. Why not just sue anybody who mentions the problem?


This patch increases my confidence in using math beanie babies as currency by leaps and bounds. Go long or hodl!


On Tuesday the developers released a patch to fix the problem.

Damn. Damn, damn, damn.


‘math beanie babies’ is the best term for bitcoin ever.


The thing that annoys me the most is that blockchain is a brilliant solution to a very narrow and specific sort of problem and a terrible solution to everything else. And it is pretty much universally used for ‘everything else.’ It’s like having one of those hyper-specialized screwdrivers that works on left-handed 2.73mm clockwise-corkscrew socketed screws and instead of using it on those, you use it to scratch ineffectually at flat-head screws and, on bad days, as a chisel.


but the real bug turned out to be the people the whole time.


So much this. It’s a fascinating concept, and I really think the most interesting applications are in the future (and not as a replacement for money).


I still don’t understand the idea of “software” being associated with bitcoin. I mean, my putative bitcoin itself is “a number”, a very special unique number, but its a number. So, I can kind of understand that. But the idea of having to keep my “number’s operating system” current, so that my particular number continues to be valid is very counter-intuitive.

In a sense all digital data is just “a number”, but without the software to decode and interpret the information stored within, it’s an arbitrary number with no value.

So. Many. Meetup. Invites…



Don’t forget your fedora!

(Oh who am I kidding, they probably have a box of them by the entrance.)

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I only go anywhere that mentions blockchain if it has something like “Agile Post-Quantum Crypto-Arcana For The Demented” on the program and if the organizer promises that anyone saying ‘ICO’ will be escorted off the premise and/or shot.

In a sense I agree that bitcoin is not software. Even if this coincalypse happened, there is no reason to think the coins are any more vulnerable once the servers got fixed and rebooted. That is an important distinction; many less cryptographically secure financial platforms could never recover from such an event if it was nefarious enough.

Of course it may not be practically important if it causes math coins to drop down to metal coin values.

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