Bizarre 1500's medical drawings of eye conditions

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From an interview between Crispin Glover (the actor) and Nardwuar the Human Serviette in 1995:

N: But you do have an eyeball specimen collection, don’t you? Like you are fascinated by things kind of dead or innate…
CG: Well there’s two different questions there. I don’t actually have an eyeball collection, that’s something that kind of got into press that isn’t true.

N: I guess I shouldn’t have been reading Spin magazine from 1987, then.
CG: (chuckles) But I do have an old optometrist’s piece from the 1800’s that was a medical piece which has wax portions of the face that include the eye and that has various diseases of the eye, and I do tend toward liking old medical books and such that contain various pathological interests.

N: Are you into like crime scene photography at all from the 1920’s? There was a book published recently called ‘evidence’ that has some neat pictures of crime scenes.
CG: Well…I…it’s funny. I’ve always tended toward liking pathology more than crime scenes. Something about the nature of the actual growth of the disease that comes from the animal that is ensuing upon the other animal. Or if there’s some kind of malformation that naturally occurs from the genetic make-up. I find more of a beauty in that than necessarily the actions of outside forces, but I find both of them interesting.


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