Color illustrations of 16th C eye-diseases, including those caused by witchcraft

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That third one is commonly known as “Tex Avery Disorder,” a malady often brought on by moments of great shock. Other symptoms include dislocated jaw, detached eyebrows and elongation of the tongue.


“Put a leech on it.” ~ Portlandia ©*


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One of my closest friends is an ophthalmologist, and he ended up on an episode on a TV show called “Monster Inside Me” which is something I would NEVER watch. I’m not into any sort of graphic medical stuff to begin with but eye stuff in particular grosses me out, but it was worth it to see my pal on TV and the guy they had play him in the re-enactment was so different than my friend I got a lot of laughs out of that (my buddy looks kind of like JJ Abrams and the actor they cast was a pretty handsome brown guy who could have been Desi or Latino but def not an Askenazic Jew!

/the weird thing is they hired an actor at all to basically read a diagnosis in the “re-enactment”, which my friend basically had just done by stating the diagnosis a minute earlier.

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Holy Fuck!, that’s all I got.


Is there a translation? I can barely read modern German, this old stuff is beyond me. And I simply must know what the witches have done to that poor man’s eyes.

And heart, pounding out of chest.


Gimp Masks of the Illuminati.

The recommended treatment for that symptom is a series of self-administered blows to the head with a giant mallet.


And we think we have it bad when the doc goes for the old prostate exam.

I am soooo glad that I don’t live in the era of insane medicine.

Do yourself a favour and don’t google “homeopathy.”

“Chiropractic” might also be something you want to avoid.

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At least homeopathy is just water. I’d rather drink water than have my eyes bled out.

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