People believe they will be healed by gazing at a video feed of this guy's face


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I’m doing it wrong. A few seconds in and I feel sick…


I dunno I would call that the proper reaction personally.


If you want to connect to sun’s energy, a $3 piece of plastic will do a better job.


“Look in to my eye…”


It worked, I can’t stop laughing!


Always wondered if this was the Sarge’s version of this:


“… not around the eyes, Don’t look around the eyes. Look into my eyes! snap


i can cure hiccups by having the sufferer focus on my eyes for 15-20 seconds. as superpowers go it’s pretty minimal but it helps a great deal in my classroom. last year i had a cure rate of 98.7% (80/81). this year i’m 16 for 17 so far.


Is this related to previous stories about how looking into anyone’s eyes non-stop for (how many?) minutes will cause you to develop a deep loving bond with them?


What are you selling, Magibon?!


I went to a weekend art workshop during highschool, and one of the exercises was to stare at another student and draw their face without looking at your paper for something crazy like 30 minutes while they draw you. I still remember that dude…


It was a good likeness…


If I don’t have any outstanding medical issues, and I watch Braco while masturbating, will that push me into some kind of super-healed category?

*OH YEAH, since you’re watching this you now owe me eleventy-seven million dollars…uh…for each 82 second period of Braco-watching.


I’ll sell you rock that does the same stuff as his jewelry for $190.


Makes sense to me. Just reading this story has made me feel a lot smarter than a ton of people.


[[ Obligatory trigger warning for the pun-sensitive… ]]



I too have this Jedi power. I add an extra step of telling the user to tell me the moment right before they are going to hiccup.

Looking into it…what it does is forces the hiccup sufferer to relax and regulate their breathing. This in turn relaxes the spasming diaphragm usually ending the hiccups.

What is weird for me is I have taught this trick to many people with high rates of success. However, in doing so I have caused damage to the space-continuum around me and the trick no longer works on me.


at one time i did that but i found that if i simply ask them to focus on my eyes it works just as well without it.

one time a friend of my wife and i called our house, told my wife to put me on the phone, then asked me to look into her eyes. 10 seconds later she said “thank you” and told me goodbye.