Yes, Trump viewed #Eclipse2017 without glasses. 'Don't look,' an aide shouted


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Aide: “Don’t look!”

(Aide… you disappoint me.)


I can’t bring myself to care enough to look up how long you could do this in D.C. today before taking any damage.

Although, I do strongly encourage Congress to follow our Fearless Leader’s example.


They’re already blind to many things.


I guess this isn’t surprising, we already know he has no foresight or hindsight.


He really wants to be seen as a man with no true vision.


The Ocular Liberty Foundation says that the link between staring at the sun and blindness is unproven





Is that a step up from “fucking idiot”?


“God, blind me now.” “I can’t serve if I am blind, right?”


Have him go out on the balcony the next time it rains. Perhaps he’ll drown?


Every single day I think, well he couldn’t get any worse, any dumber, any lower… yet every day I am astonished to find he’s moved the bar lower again… bungling ‘trumpcare’ (just die already poors!) and things like praising Nazis (very fine people, violence on all sides, all sides… what? did I miss where an anti-Nazi protestor rammed their bio-diesel art car into a crowd of Nazis and killed 1 and injured 20?)

When Nazis march with torches yelling “Jews will not replace us!” you should believe them the first time. Nazis and fascists are for smashing, not playing POSpotus footsie. F!ck our Nazi ‘president’ (putin’s c!ckholster)


He’s plummeting from a 6,000 foot cliff and he’s got ‘the bar’ in his hands.



That wasn’t an eclipse! Trump stared at the Sun and the Sun blinked! Great genes! The best!


This is all pure meme gold


Could he be any creepier with Tleilaxu eyes?


The Secret Service guy is supposed to do one of those long, slow dives, glasses in hand–

Oh, wait, their budget is exhausted.


“Who knew not staring into the sun was so complicated?” - Stolen from the internet.