Trump tweeted he witnessed "horror and devastation" of Harvey, but others say he didn't really


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Not only did he not get close to the truly affected areas, he didn’t actually meet with any of the victims.

But hey, he was there, in Texas, so that’s enough.


And still he said nothing about the 38 victims who died; what an ass.

I texted with my ex again this morning; reality is starting to hit him that all his possessions are gone.



And just because there’s seemingly a past Trump Tweet for literally everything, there’s this:


Karma is seriously taking way too long…


Well unlike most of the cr@p that comes out of his mouth, I’m willing to give him a pass on this political fiction. Really just about the last thing that overstressd local officials need is to add a presidential visit with full entourage to a disaster zone. But politically, the president HAS to show that he “cares” by visiting. So getting closer to the action, but not close enough for his presence to be a massive distraction and interfere with relief efforts is probably as non-stupid as we can expect.


I’m just sitting here hoping for an utterly spectacular payoff.


I can actually get behind the “not wanting to interfere with relief efforts” angle.

But not even meeting with – or mentioning any actual victims?

Also don’t forget he still managed to slip in a mention about crowd sizes, since in these times of struggle that’s what’s really important.


A pass… maybe. If he hadn’t been spouting off 24/7 every BS thing that popped into his limited noodle AND declared others’ accounts to be fake.

Otherwise… sure… give him a pass.


Well, the crowds that came out to see him were really quite small - totally devastated. Such horror! I mean, it’s Trump - what else could he be talking about?

Were they his supporters? He can’t say anything until he gets all the facts about that.


The horror and devastation he witnessed was Melania’s high heels getting wet.


Same here; I look forward to his comeuppance.

I agree that his lack of presence was a good thing as far as not interfering with rescue efforts; but I can’t give him a pass on bragging about anything.


Oh there are PLENTY of things that he has done to denigrate on the little trip. Let’s face it, I don’t think that HE is the one who decided to not interfere with relief efforts by not visiting the actual disaster site. But occasionally his handlers do their job.


I hear there’s a super interesting chemical plant that’s worth a visit, he should check it out.


Not even a secondhand account. More of a TINYhand account, amiright?


Are you mad? An accident there could turn him into a superpowered mutant!


If there were such a thing as karma and justice, then trump would’ve been a smoking pair of golf cleats several times over by now.


So now “first hand” means “met with people who saw it first hand”.

I therefore experienced World War I and the Great Depression because I talked with my grandfather about them.


Both exist, they’re just more infrequent than they should be.


The shelters don’t have gold-leaf ceilings!

The horror! The devastation!