Trump complains Puerto Ricans "want everything to be done for them"


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Let us imagine Trump in the days after New Orleans/Katrina, complaining that the people whose houses had been reduced to driftwood weren’t putting them up again already.




Trump isn’t that consistent. Five years from now Puerto Rico could be destroyed again and President Trump’s response could be entirely different than this time. It all depends on who he is listening to at the time and how the news is treating him.


Ugh, I know there’s something broken in his brain that keeps him from understanding this, but ffs, nobody has to tell anybody to be nasty to a guy who says things like this.


I hate hyperbole. It’s pointless rhetoric, accomplishing only a defensive response. So I’ve always hesitated to say this, but I’m now convinced that Trump is the worst president ever. And this is in comparison to some amazingly terrible presidents from the entirety of this country’s history. Okay, Tyler defended slavery, Buchanan set the stage for the Civil War, Johnson caused the Trail of Tears and other atrocities against Native Americans, but Trump is at least giving them a challenge for the title and is on track to beat them.




Just f*ck you.

I hope Air Force one drops you on a deserted island in the middle of a big huge ocean with no food shelter or water and a hurricane bearing down on you.


Wowee. That guy just cannot stop lying, can he? It’s looking compulsive.


Wait for it - the claims of “Not Self Reliant” coming up any moment.



“Those lazy brown people, who speak Spanish and pretend they’re actual American citizens, whining again because the Democrats told them to.”


He’s just talking big because he knows Puerto Rico doesn’t have atomic weapons.


A garbage person, voted for by garbage people.

[ETA: someone inevitably shows up after a comment like this to talk about how “unhelpful/unproductive/divisive” it is to characterise all his voters as garbage/deplorable/racist/etc. So I will allow that a lot of them are also garden variety suckers and ignorant morons.]


Or votes in the electoral college.


‘They Want Everything To Be Done For Them’

Benedict Arnold on the American colonies


fantastic infantry though!


At this point, Puerto Rico should just announce they’re seceding to Cuba or the EU. I bet we’d have 40,000 troops on the island in about 15 minutes.


In case you’re wondering where to make a donation- PRI has some suggestions.

I went with United for Puerto Rico associated with First Lady Beatriz Rosselló.


Thank you for that . That looks good. I’ve also written to my Senators reminding them the USAF and Navy can air drop supplies around the world with a days notice - so they need to be doing that now.

I also plan to listen to what José Masso has to say tonight at 10:00 PM EST on WBUR out of Boston.


Please make the tRump go away Mommy!