San Juan mayor barred from speaking on Trump's Puerto Rico relief conference call


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Yea, god forbid you have a conference on how to deal with a situation and give a voice to the representative of the people on the ground. What would they have to say.



That’s okay. Trump is visiting Puerto Rico today, so I’m sure that he’ll be warmly greeting her in person and letting bygones be bygones for the greater good of the American citizens of Puerto Rico.

Followed by a parade of unicorns.


I so need that.


Why isn’t this in the BoingBoing store???


“Please, Mayor Cruz, recall that it’s 2017 and you’re now on a conference call with the Oval Office: only sycophants, arse-lickers and yes-men may speak. There are serious issues to be discussed and we can’t have the president* throwing a tantrum.”


She’s far too effective as an advocate for the people of Puerto Rico to be allowed to speak.


The exact pre-call instructions given to the mayor:

“Since you cannot be trusted to maintain a respectful silence, it will be imposed on you. Listen to your superiors carefully and remember your place, worm. Tremble and Obey!”


Donald - to put it in terms even an idiot can understand - this is like saying after Katrina you’ll exclude the Mayor of New Orleans from participating in relief discussions. Or should I have said NY & Sandy?

But - don’t worry - things are fine: "“There’s a medical center down here, and everyone that was in the Intensive Care Unit, died. Everyone.”


She was warned.
She was given an explanation.
Nevertheless, she persisted.


Trump is a pussy that is afraid of girls.



Stop insulting actual pussy, please.



This is the new normal as trump and his fellow haters want it to be. His misogyny shines through clearly coupled with his hatred of Brown people. How dare she approach the throne with such an attitude. This could be the ideal time for China or Russia to step in and bring real aid to the people of Puerto Rico and harvest their love and respect. Sure the Island “belongs” to us but it would be a great statement to the world for some other power to step in and show concern and help them recover further driving down the standing of the US in the worlds eye. And really all that matters is that the people there get a chance to reclaim their lives regardless of who does it. They need some grown-ups and we don’t have one.
trump is the perfect definition of the Ugliest American.


Or a stampede of rhinos. Close enough.


And didn’t we just temporarily suspend the Jones Act for Puerto Rico? There’s an opportunity.


If all the people of Puerto Rico evacuate to low population red states, how many can they take over, or at least shift the majority?


Puerto Ricans aren’t political pawns, they’re people.

I have a better idea - the US government shall send appropriate aid and funding to rebuild Puerto Rico just as they did for citizens in LA, FL, NY, NJ and TX after fairly recent, greatly destructive hurricanes.