Puerto Rico Devastation


Another story slipping through the cracks.




Three million Americans.




I want to believe Republicans won’t wait for three or four more unprecedented hurricane seasons to stop denying man-made climate change, but history has shown them to be inured against both facts and reality.




The number of Americans living in Puerto Rico is about the same as the number living in North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont COMBINED. Imagine if five U.S. States were left entirely without water or power and our elected leaders and press largely ignored it.







I’m not sure that Trump kmows Puerto Rico is the United States.


Once someone tells him, I’m sure he’ll be keen on the idea of forcibly relocating all of the locals [1] and turning it into a golf course.

[1] I have already seen this suggested on Trumpist twitter.


Where is trumpist Twitter suggesting they relocate? A substantial number of Puerto Ricans were already royal scammed (Fagen and Becker) into relocating to New York City.


I don’t believe they’d thought that far.


I have a friend in the merchant marine. He is second mate on a ship making deliveries to ports all over the US Carribean, as well as Texas and Florida.

From what I can garner PR is too messed up for most ships just now. Their capacity to receive cargo by sea is currently less than it ought to be.

I hope we make them a state already, either their own or actually one of ours.

They need our help and the great orange menace is too butthurt over people kneeling in protest (or deference) of something other than him, to notice.


I did hear that the harbours are a mess.

This and similar posts are floating around Twitter:

Any idea if it could help?

With the power supposedly down for months, this seems like a good time for one of those “plug the CVN into the power grid” tricks we hear about.

Presumably there’s a lot of work to be done before even that could happen, but leaving Puerto Rico powerless for months is not a tenable solution. Hospitals, sanitation, refrigeration. And comms; there may be more hurricanes on the way.

I also saw something about a regulation requiring PR-bound ships to first dock in mainland USA. Apparently it’s still being enforced.