Puerto Rico Devastation


Japan gets hit by a tsunami that affects a non negligable area but not the whole island. We send a warship that’s able to act as power generator, landing pad for helicoptors that can airlift men and supplies, and trained response.

THe entirety of Puerto Rico is fucked… Nothing. Just… Nothing. I see it on the news and ‘these are american citizens What the shit?’


Even if the USNS Comfort is unavailable for some reason it seems like any one of our 11 active duty aircraft carriers should be up to the task of providing electricity to at least a portion of the power grid. We’re paying through the nose for a bunch of city-sized warships with onboard nuclear power plants, we might as well do some good with them.


The problem with that plan is the grid. It’s gone missing :frowning:


They’ll stick with whatever message has been scribed (and lobby-buck-paid for) by ‘Big Business for Big Profits and To Hell With the Future of Earth’.


I’ve written to the Office of the Director of Emergency and Disaster Management in PR, asking how we/where to offer help. I will follow up in this thread if I hear back.

A lot of the government websites are down, and the Office of the Governor hasn’t updated since last week. :confused:



He strikes me as the sort who thinks we won it from Mexico.


It’s a good thought, but my impression from some of the news that I’ve seen (including one NPR story today) is that the main issue is power transmission, not generation. There are many, many power poles knocked down, so there’s not much of a grid to plug a ship into. So if they aren’t already doing it, the government should be paying to send planes full of lineworkers from around the country to work overtime on the problem.


Ships actually, what’s a lineman without a bucket truck?


45 finally breaks his silence on PR. And it’s predictably awful.

More commentary:






cMost people do not want to prepare for a natural disaster. For example, look around where you live, find out what risk may hit you (storms, flood, earthquakes, industrial risks, etc…) and ask yourself what it would look like if a disaster hit. How are the power grid, water supply, roads and communications protected. In that event, do you have access to backup systems for water, light and transportation ?

Edit: I am not suggesting that it is the fault of Puerto Rico that it was hit by a hurricane or that we should not help them.
I am saying that natural disasters can hit anywhere and anyone and that when it happens counting on outside help only is imprudent. The roads may be cut, the power lines may be down, airports and ports may be unusable, just as they are in Puerto Rico today.
Just think about it and check how prepared you are.

You can also consider demanding from your elected representatives that they are better prepared. For example, in areas which may be hit by strong winds, make sure the power lines are underground. If Puerto RIco had less aerial power lines, they would probably still have power in most areas.





A hurricane destroying several inhabited islands is not something one can prepare for. Don’t blame the victims like the occupant of the Oval Office did.


You’re right. It’s all their fault, thanks for setting us straight.

When it’s your turn though, I’ll still help you. Won’t even rub it in.


I edited my message to reflect the fact that I am not implying it is their fault. And yes: one can prepare for a natural disaster. Actually, I expect the average Puerto Rican to be better prepared than the average large city inhabitant, who usually relies on external services for everything. Many Puerto Rican had a generator and water tanks, for example. Or tools, like a chainsaw as pictured on one of the sites. The average large city inhabitant may not even have a screwdriver.


You’re still placing fault, finding fault. What’s the rush to judgement about?

I usually attribute it to misplaced empathy. It’s scary in PR right now, I imagine myself having planned really well, like you.

But I also know my individual exceptionalism isn’t enough, could never be sufficient, to keep me safely outside of what is going on around me, and if I were there, I’d be as swamped as they are and so, I think, would you.

I’m in no rush to judge you, I’m just not sure who was the beneficiary of your comment, other than your own self, and self congratulation in the face of someone elses unavoidable tragedy is, IMO, victim blaming.

Maybe a more covertly aggressive version of it, but same basic moving parts.

I didn’t read your edits, as I skip most revised history