Trump complains Puerto Ricans "want everything to be done for them"

Hey now, they interrupted his golf game…

“Christ, what an arsehole”



This disaster is a ploy by the Democrats to force us into supporting paid maternity leave. It’s unbelievable. Don’t give birth to more infantrys if you cannot afford them. /s


… even though they pay billions of dollars annually in taxes to the US.


Trump is consistently RACIST. We can always count on him to take sides against brown people.


So, I’m thinking the Trump wouldn’t object to Puerto Rico’s Declaration of Independence. Which, although not being a Puerto Rican, merely an American, I am for. Puerto Rican independence would be good for Puerto Ricans [I think but would certainly attend to arguments against] I believe it would be good for Americans, one less colony, one less nation being oppressed for ‘empire’. Cheers.


Tough call. Both are less than full citizens in racist colonialist eyes.

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I think in that case, he would have been more (ahem) discriminating.


I get the impression that he masturbates frequently.

While watching Fox News.

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I watched a report, just before I heard this Trump quote, about a small town in rural PR. The people had no clean water and they couldn’t sleep in most of the houses, yet they were using what little gas they had to repair the road themselves with construction equipment. The problem was that they had 45km of road to repair. They are not waiting for someone to do it for them, but the project is SO big.


Some one did tell him that Puerto Ricans are American citizens, right?

My hippy fisherman uncle bought a small house down there a few years ago. He said the main reason to retire down there was the people and how wonderful they are. They still mainly live in CA but have been posting about the plight of the area since the hurricane and how to donate help.

Logistically PR is harder to to help than TX or FL because you can’t just drive water or utility trucks 3000 miles to help. It all has to fly or sail in.

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In inner-voice of Trump: “Yeah sure, but they’re brown ones, so they can go fuck themselves.”


Guy tweets about lazy Puerto Ricans who won’t do for themselves while on a golf weekend with servants who tend to his needs, make his meals, and tote his baggage,


The “nasty/lazy” mayor is living in a shelter.


So sick of this shit…


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I’ve come to think Donald Trump isn’t racist in any traditional sense, because whatever else, racism requires of a racist that he actually believe something beyond himself (“say what you will about national socialism, at least it’s an ethos”). Trump is not that sophisticated.

Rather, he only views people through the lens of how they view him. Trump views people and institutions entirely instrumentally – they have no value at all outside their utility to him and him alone. The reason he can say that there are some “really great people” hanging out with Nazis in Charlottsville is not because they are Nazis (or not Nazis), but because they are Trump supporters. No other analysis matters. I doubt he had an opinion about NBA basketball star Steph Curry until Curry strongly – but as politely as anyone could – turned down an invitation to the White House. (Imagine, for a moment, if Steph Curry decided he liked Trump and said so – do you have any doubt at all Trump would be tweeting that “Steph Curry! THANKS! I know basketball and believe me you are one of the greats. Trust me!”). I don’t think race enters into it, not as the prime filter.

Here, he mostly hadn’t said anything bad about the recovery in PR until a couple of days ago. (He fucked around on the Jones Act, but that’s because he’s incompetent and stupid – different problem). So he mostly stayed out of it (does it really help or hurt for a POTUS to get personally involved – another, different issue). But the moment the Mayor of San Juan says “boo”, the Mayor is going to be deemed the worst person in the world – stripped, in Trump’s mind, of any independent value or dignity.

Now sure, since most minorities hate him, it probably saves Trump time to hate them first, but I don’t think he puts that much thought into it. He likes Ben Carson because Ben Carson likes him. And he will continue to support Ben Carson until Ben Carson serves him no use. Race is not the filter. Donald Trump is the filter.

I could be wrong – I doubt I’m wrong – but I haven’t seen any evidence that his opinion of anything is shaped by anything other than how it helps him.




“Yes, General, I am masturbating into the American Flag. It relaxes me. Do you have a problem with that? Would you rather that I used you?”