Hurricane Harvey could be strongest storm to hit U.S. in over a decade, and a first for Trump's FEMA


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Hopefully it changes course and we avoid catastrophe, but in the event of landfall and disaster I predict the response will be much like everything else 45 touches…

A complete and utter clusterfuck.


So, in other words, goodbye New Orleans.


Texans, grab your bootstraps, you’re gonna need 'em.

May Harvey prove merciful.


Given that a change of course will most likely send it over Mexico, your hope is bordering dangerously close to the Trolley Problem.



Good news: New generation of FEMA trailers don’t reek of formaldehyde.

Bad news: The name of chemical they do reek of is a trade secret, and if you get cancer it is your own fault.


You’re absolutely right; I wouldn’t wish this on Mexico (or anyone really) at all. I meant to draw parallel to the hurricane that looked like it was going to flatten Florida last year but veered off to the east.

EDIT: In retrospect, eliminating Florida might not have been completely terrible.


tRump no likey, pray it away Evangelicals!


That copperplate crawl went straight through the video playback widgets, and was too quick to read. It also seemed as if it was unstabilized somehow. The faces were all out of focus too.


Nice crawl message - Let me translate for you:

“You are on your own Mother Fuckers”


I have a feeling there will be lots of water very soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, potable, whatever.


Up to 35 inches of rain possible over SE #Texas
For an area that is basically at sea level, spells disaster.

BTW: Didn’t Texas vote TGOP tRump?


I fear I will be stuck on Long Island for a while.


jesus hurricane

I have a feeling we’ll be just fine.


Kenny Rogers, circa 1972, to the rescue?


I hope it turns back out to sea.

But - maybe they should consider whether it’s god’s judgment for all that vilification of trans people.


Part of me wants to enjoy the schadenfreude but the more compassionate and rational part of me knows that a lot of Texans hate the orange SOB and their lives are about to get even worse.


If there has to be a storm, could it take out that East Texas courthouse where they do all the BS patent cases? That’d be great, thanks.


Ironically, my ex lives in Texas… and even more ironically we’re actually still cool with each other.

Just texted him; he’s on the hunt to buy water.