Harvey hits hard, TX governor issues mandatory evacuations as 'catastrophic flood' risks loom


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the deputy mayor of one city under mandatory evacuation orders was asked what advice he could give to those people who refused to evacuate. basically his advice was to get a permanent marker and write your name and social security number somewhere prominent on your body to make it easier to identify your corpse. it really cut through the crap.

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All well and good, but Latinx have been warned that CIS is rounding up those who are evacuating them and deporting them. Some are bound to stay and take their chances.


I’m sure that ICE will be just heartbroken about the ones who die, and are no longer their problem, or receive injuries significant enough to force them to seek medical attention, where they can be conveniently identified in a limited number of locations.


Has Trump tweeted yet about the violence on both sides?



Appears to be a scare tactic by Alt-Rght trolls trying to get immigrants killed, which is pretty much on brand for the Golfshirts.



Not only are there floods all around Houston, but there have been dozens of tornados. One came very close to my house in the middle of the night.


Y’all okay?


Yeah, just mention something that didn’t get a lot of ceoverage. We are still under a tornado watch, but nothing has done a lot of damage in the area yet. I see some local news reporting damaged roofs and fences m.


Reminds me more of “Good job, Brownie” after Katrina.


What did you all do to piss off God?

A Hurricane Made Of Tornadoes sounds pretty biblical


The hero of the storm so far: (based on news coverage)



Yup. Way too soon. And also just gross and obnoxious.


Roger that.


That’s surprisingly good advice from Greg Abbott. They must have trimmed off his comments of “Yarr! Jade Helm 15! The Reptoids are coming up tunnels in the Walmart basements! Wibble-wibble-wibble!”



Betcha arse the DSA and BLM are organising to counter this bastardry, though. People can set up shelters too, not just governments.


Tell that clown to go stand in the rain until he drowns.