Trump, 'Art of the Deal' President, 'grapples with rare bout of self-doubt' as Trumpcare implodes


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Keep scratching until he goes back from whence he came!


In case anybody is murky about the circumstances, let me clarify:

Trump is a stupid shithead who has no idea what’s going on.





It’s like he’s BEGGING for someone to do the “Tiny Trump” Photoshop treatment.


The thing that scares me is that as far as I can tell, the vote is failing because the proposals aren’t awful enough. Yay.


I feel funny. Weird, in fact. Wait! It’s been so long, I’d forgotten what it felt like! Something like…


Can lava’s citation be a… prospective one? If so, here’s his citation:

“Trump is a stupid shithead who has no idea what’s going on.”


"Trump treating the GOP members of congress like they’re his employees."
Oh, he’s in for a :notes:surprise​:notes:…

Citation: Everything said by Trump.

The actual photos are so weird - Trump sitting behind the wheel pretending to drive a truck, with his fists raised in “tough guy” posturing, and also screaming, he’s already transformed himself into a child - it feels redundant to also photoshop them. Although there are plenty of: Trump in truck, photo of crashed truck, Trump looking chagrinned photo series popping up. Perfect metaphors for his presidency.

Edit: Also things like this:


From the look on his face, someone from the Secret Service must have put a quarter in the slot for the rocking action and vroooom vroooom sound effects. If we all chip in and get him one of his own to pretend to drive everyday, we might . . . oh, who am I kidding. Nothing will placate the guy. He was weaned way to early, and now we are stuck with this man baby until he finally blows a gasket.


Yeah, looks like this POTUS gig is a bit of a pain in the ass!

Oh well, I’m sure if he stamps his feet hard enough everyone will start doing as he says any day now.


Truck photo needs to be memified with Nobody knew Presidenting could be so complicated


I miss Nixon.


Hmmm… he should probably go with the top picture. He looks more professional and dignified in that one.


Even the Futurama Nixon would be better.


2016 was already weird, but 2017 is doing its best to top that. Kinda feel sorry for the SNL guys, how can you satirize this stuff?


I am not seeing “self-doubt” in any of those quoted conversations so much as “searching for someone else to blame”.


Far be it for me to be the voice of sanity, but it ain’t exploded until the Congressional voting is done. This thing could gulp still become reality.


Yes. The drumpf could still find just the right mixture of awful GOP agenda and bribery to add in to his threats, and make this madness real.