Inject this substance in your eyes for night vision




Side effects include pale skin that burns in sunlight, mild insomnia and an unslakable thirst for human blood.


Side effects include male pattern baldness, a deep voice, and the need for goggles.


This word “inject”…

With what’s basically a really fine turkey baster, Tibbetts slowly
dripped 50 microliters of Ce6, an extremely low dose, into Licina’s
speculum-stretched eyes, aiming for the conjunctival sac, which carried
the chemical to the retina.

OK, yes, it’s “injecting” the fluid in the sense that it’s introducing it to the eye. But come on. You say “inject” in a context like this, and we all start picturing a needle puncturing someone’e eyeball. All the hairs on my arms are standing on end just thinking about it.


Chlorin E6 generates cytotoxic products when exposed certain wavelengths. Cytotoxic meaning cell-killing. It’s not going anywhere near my eyes. I like my day vision too much. It’s like going on chemo, but not having cancer.


He can see into your soul, really.


Bullshit. In the picture, that man is ‘injecting’ the liquid into the eyeball using a Gilson P50 micropipette. You can’t inject liquid with a micropipette. Also, you can’t even ‘drip’ the liquid in one’s eyes, because: microfluidics. You would have to pipet it onto the eyeball with a very steady hand, at one or two millimeters distance. The test subject had better have his head strapped in to prevent corneal damage.


I came here to say the above. I can only agree.

May I have a unicorn chaser?


Paper referenced says they put in black sclera contacts (that’s why that guy in the picture looks like he does) and wore sunglasses to minimize exposure to bright light until the tests at night.

But I am with you, do you want to be temporarily or permanently blinded by a flashbulb?


A unicorn chaser for something that wasn’t what was shown?

Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was Farscape’s “DNA Mad Scientist” episode… and boy am I ever glad this article didn’t actually have anything like that.


Inject this substance in your eyes for night vision to alienate everyone around you.


I’ve got the script. Who’s gonna call Vin?



Personally, they lost me at “inject this substance into your eyes”.


Ain’t that the shit.


Putting some sort of oddball chemicals right into the eye? Sure, why not! What could possibly go wrong?



Unicorn chaser for the unicorn chaser, please. :slight_smile:


You dig up a doctor, and you pay him 20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs.


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