Bizarre Arkansas senator gets personal with witness and asks, "Do you have a penis?"

Yes. Yes, you should. So should everyone else.


From the video …
McKee: “You’re the one … you’re the one that brought that into the discussion.”

Admittedly I have not watched the entire video from which this clip came, but I’m reasonably sure that she did not in fact do so. She’s a lot nicer than I am, that’s for sure. I don’t think I could keep from blurting out “What the fuck is wrong with you? to this jerk Senator.”


I believe a more accurate way of framing it is “you were already concerned about the modern GOP, and now you have a scale to measure that concern”.

I first heard of this list from Beau, and he sums up nicely why we’re concerned.


I live outside the US, and I have no qualifications in history, political science, or anything else that makes a study of such things.

Looking at the list now, it seems that all 14 boxes got ticked around the time of GWB. My question is: was GWB a significant turning point, or was his time a continuation of something happening since e.g. Nixon? I’d really appreciate some input from people in the US who’ve made a study of it.

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I was utterly shocked at this article regarding testimony at the Arkansas State Senate. I am so thankful that my wife and I decided to move away from Arkansas, because this kind of obscene questioning of this pharmacist, regardless whether she is transgender or not, is simply outrageous and unconscionable.

This is no different than other form of demeaning and damaging hatred and Bigotry. The State Senator treats this pharmacist as if she is not a human being. How would this awful GOP State Senator react if he was in her place? There must be Zero excuse or tolerance for this kind of absurd prejudice. We are all human beings and to treat the LGBTQ as if they are somehow different, strange, or as an abomination due to some religious beliefs, is a violation of privacy and Equality under the Law. LGBTQ people have equal rights as heterosexual couples for marriage, and if we rationally extend equal to job security or non-discrimination in housing, then this sort of religious intolerance of the Transgender community is unlawful, based on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Marriage Equality. States like Arkansas (and other Red States) cannot violate the fundamental Civil Rights of ANY citizen or resident in any State in this country.

It is high time that the US House and Senate passes legislation that prohibits any States from this sort of disgusting, anachronistic, and inhumane Bigotry. We can never fully achieve Equality until we recognize the reality of ignorance and total lack of common decency that this State Senator, and the current Huckabee-Sanders Administration has established itself to impose on all residents a outright violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution that requires the Separation of Church and State. Local, State, and the Federal Government is SECULAR, and it is clearly written that Government officials cannot endorse any religion or religious views in our legislative processes. It is that simple. We observe that all Americans can freely worship, but we are NOT, and never have been a Christian country. That is a false narrative perpetuated by certain religious and political Zealots. Our Government was founded to prevent the horrible religious persecution and mass murders that occurred in 18th Century Europe and Great Britain, during the ongoing Wars of Reformation. This is a historical fact that some people in the Religious Right want to impose on all other Americans. Well, I believe the solution to that is to start taxing religious organizations, and Federal Funding for any State that deliberately continues chip away at our Civil Rights as they protected under the US Constitution and its Amendments.


We were certainly turning towards the complete list around the time of Nixon and on through GWB, but those initial decades, the check points weren’t as clear. There were good arguments to be made on most or all of them by 2004, but they weren’t as blatant or direct. It’s the difference between the uncle at the holiday meal that slips a few casually racist statements into the conversation once he’s drunk verses the one that puts up a confederate flag in his yard and brags about his membership in the KKK.


Don’t forget, things really ramped up in 2008, and doubled the crazy in 2012 for some reason.

I wonder why that is?


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