Bradley Manning expected to speak at trial today


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Everybody knows not to comment on this topic here. Interesting crowd dynamic.


Mmmph, we might just not care, eh.


Oh good, I’m glad we can stop idealizing this man as a hero for doing what needed to be done regardless of personal cost and start pitying him instead. Of course he turned our secrets over to the enemy (our own people), he’s got sanity issues.
The next piece of evidence: A picture of a cat rolling a watermelon out of a lake.


Gender identity issues are not the same as “sanity issues,” FFS.


Just about anything you could do or say that would bother someone else is in the DSM as a disorder of some sort, so anyone can be painted as crazy once people start picking at it. The current edition of the DSM has transgender down as “Gender Identity Disorder” which means crazy for most people. In the next edition, it’s going to be downgraded to a dysphoria, but most people will still think that means crazy.


Bitches be dysphoric, yo.

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What? No. I think he/she’s kinda cute. Happy now?


David Foley called, and he’s kinda pissed off.

Actually, the DSM V came out in May. Gender Dysphoria is the current term for what trans people experience according to the DSM, and it is deliberately no longer a disorder.


It’s a pretty common scenario: He was at the point of a personal crisis and all that stress went into a defiant self righteous act against authority. I would suggest there’s a pretty direct connection.

It’s a shame things have gone so badly for him because the apache videos needed to come out.


I’m curious what you’re trying to imply.

I didn’t comment initially because I didn’t have anything insightful to add. It’s disgusting that our armed forces are homophobic and transphobic, it’s disgusting that the poor kid was abused in prison for being trans, it’s appalling that this fucking shill of a psychiatrist David Moulton wants us to believe that idealism is a mental disorder. All of this ought to be obvious. There’s nothing to be gained by pointing out that the sky is blue.


Cool. I thought it was not out yet. People will still think “crazy”, though.


It will serve two purposes. On the one hand, those of us who just want people to be themselves and happy with it will see him in a very human light - a lost kid struggling with very big personal issues in the context of a very big and monstrous war.

On the other hand it makes it very easy for those who see him as traitor or monstrous to dismiss him as crazy or a weirdo and deserving of everything that happens to him because he is ‘different’.

His release of the cables and videos was a good thing, done for complicated personal and social reasons. Not all heroes look and act like Tom Cruise or Steve McQueen, and very few of them are acting out of pure altruism (though Manning isn’t far off and Snowden looks pretty good right now, self sacrifice wise).


Well Snowden has his own issues since he did not finish high school. But people said “Oh Snowden must be brilliant because Einstein didn’t finish high school either.” Of course, Einstein did graduate high school, attend university, and got his teaching certificate.

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Not finishing high school is not enough to define someone as ‘having
issues’, especially when they have had what appears to be a reasonably
successful career afterwards. Our education system is not designed to work
well for people more than one SD away from the top of the curve. Kids with
challenges fall behind and get labelled, kids with an excess of brains or
talent get bored or excluded. No idea if Snowden is either of those, but
given his apparent facility with technology I doubt he fell behind the

All of which is irrelevant beside the reality of what these people have
done. Both of them, at great personal cost, have brought information to
light that should be in daylight. I’m sure they both had a complex mix of
personal challenges and pressures - I certainly do. All I can say is that
I’m glad they did what they did, and I hope it leads to change and that
punishment will not be (more) excessive.


What you’re saying probably applies to 1 out of a thousand people that don’t finish. The real magic is that the other 999 are totally convinced you mean them.


An awful lot of people will think “pervert,” which equals “immoral,” which equals “guilty.” Most people don’t really do ethical reasoning.

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There are more and more kids who are leaving high school, getting out, not finishing, for very good reasons, the first of which is that, for millions of kids, it’s an almost complete waste of time. Fortunately, more colleges are opening up to people without HS diplomas.

Hopefully, this trend will continue to increase, and high schools will have to dramatically change what they offer and require in order to keep students from leaving before society thinks they ought to.

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