Pfc. Manning transitions gender: 'I am Chelsea."



How does this work with her sentence?

i.e. will she be in a male prison population?

Seems like a complex issue.

I applaud Chelsea’s fly-in-the-ointment approach to life. I wish her nothing but good luck and good friends in her future.


WTFC about this? Of course the mainstream media does, because it will drown out any attention to the letter that Manning has written the president. Congrats on burying that one along with all the others. Tits are much more important than the expression of conscience.


Ugh. This is going to make the debate unnecessarily more difficult.

The “good” news is that hollywood finally has its story.

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Well, good on her, and I wish her the best of luck.

I do think it’s interesting to watch the sexual-politics of this all unfold in the public eye. From Assange’s consent/assault to Snowden’s stripper ex, and now Chelsea’s complex gender identity, I get the impression that the effort to cast these people as “deviants” gets a lot of traction in various media circles.

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A public figure has asked the public to respect her transition. That is news, if for no other reason than the fact that conscience should also dictate that she deserves our respect in this, as well as in the other brave decisions she’s made. Are we supposed to ignore this and keep referring to her as a man? How exactly does that respect her?

As for WTFC? How about lots of young trans men and women across America who now know that they have one hell of a role model?


Let me try this again. Do they have any grounds on which to deny Manning this treatment? Recent case law seems to say no.


I just wonder how the hell she cleared this with her lawyers. As for Manning being a role model, she joined the military to run away from her gender struggle and suffered through years of oppression and depression. Sounds like more of a cautionary tale.

We will be using the female gender to refer to Manning, from this
point forward.

Why do I read Boing Boing every day? This, among other things.


… how inconvenient. My condolences.


Good for her and I wish her all that can be hoped for in her transition in very difficult circumstances.

Personal politics aside, she has done a great thing for humanity, and that is far more important than her gender.

Of course, knowing how military/spook logic works, I can see this going badly within the military. Simplistic and stupid logic, which is what people use when faced with actions and choices outside the ‘norm’. “Manning leaked documents. Manning is transgender. Transgender is ‘weird and/or evil’. Therefore, distrust/marginalize all transgender people…”

I hate that kind of thinking, but I can guarantee there are legions of assholes who are climbing directly onto that idiot logic train.


Man, who DOESN’T run from who they are when they’re in a transition? She struggled. That’s human and natural. And she not only found the strength to out herself, but the entire false edifice she was working under. She stopped hiding and decided to live a principled life. That’s AMAZING. That woman’s got more courage than me or most of us, and the fact that she struggled with it doesn’t lessen that courage, it just makes it more hard-won, more vital, and more realistic, because we all struggle with realities that are much easier to embrace than “I am not the gender I was born as, and my government is lying to the public” every day.


Yeah you do or you wouldn’t make a point of denying her right to be referred to as she.

I just hope we can avoid conflating this with her crime and punishment. The court has already decided this wasn’t an issue in her case.


For the record, I’m deleting any posts I see that start with “can we have a civil discussion” and then flow immediately into baseless denigration of Chelsea Manning and trans people in general. That’s not a civil discussion. That’s a poster implying that it’s uncivil to not respect their bigotry.


Does it matter? Pragmatically, there are no reproductive rights involved (statutory maternity leave, say) so there’s no practical difference. Simple politeness trumps semantics.


This is news because it has come up over and over again in comments. If she wants to talk about it I think it is great. We need more examples of principled people standing up for themselves.


You… actually see those things as similar? Wow.

She asked that people respect her identity in the mainstream media, nothing more.

*edit: I think I misread your post.

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It’s the kind of response that makes me wish BB had a ‘Christ, what an asshole’ choice under the flags.


Both are pretty exceptional examples of being honest with yourself and your own values.