Bizarre brutalist and experimental Soviet bus stops

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Dupe of post from Sept. 30.


Some time ago the bus stops were awesome. Back to the old cold war patterns, eh?


I saw this book and its pictures featured on Wired i think and the variety of bus stops is definitely interesting. Especially when one considers the historical context. I’m not sure i’d buy the book but if someone gave me a copy i think i’d be happy to keep it as a coffee table book.

I personally prefer the stops and terminals at Nova Prospekt.


From Bus stops as Art

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Uhm, these are like amazing. I might even ride a bus if ours were this cool.

That first one is fantastic. If you look, it’s made of 9 identical angled pieces of concrete, plus the pillars and a foundation. It lets in light and yet is excellent in the rain for shedding water (if those joints were sealed of course). If you standardized on that design you could turn them out like hotcakes.

Edit: Sorry, it is 12 angled pieces, not 9. (I miscounted the men, Liz, I miscounted the men!)

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And since we’re talking about bus stops, may I be allowed to complain most stringently about these idiotic standing bench things:

They’re like billboards with ass shelves. Ugly as hell.


See, the problem is you’re judging them as bus stops. They’re a great success as billboards.


Well, we can’t be allowing homeless people the reprieve of possibly taking a fifteen minute nap off the cold, wet ground, now can we?


At the community college I attended, we had 3 smoking sheds scattered around the edge of campus. They had huge planter ashtrays, and had ass-braces instead of benches. I think the idea was that they were easier to clean than actual benches, and being non-horizontal were less likely to be an attractive place for someone to stick their half-smoked still-lit butt and burn the structure down when they needed to go take a piss or something.

God, I miss 30 Rock :disappointed:

So thaaaaat’s what happened to the dream of the Soviet Union…bikeshedding

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