The art of the Soviet propaganda poster


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Yay Carla post. Yay gorgeous Marxist propaganda.

My dad brought me a nice marxist propaganda tshirt shortly after the wall fell… sheesh, miss that thing, one of my better tshirts. Crappy system, but they had some good art.

(Reminds me, unfortunately, of the Nazis, though they had very strong sense of branding, their art really kind of sucked. Nevermind the stench of what they were. Guess the Soviets overall had some well meaning if naive ideals, so one doesn’t feel all the deaths and gulag imprisonments taints their art.)


I especially love that Google translate read it as “Eternal Indestructible Rumba and Cooperation”


well, except when the millions of deaths and gulag imprisonments do taint their art.

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It really depends on what. I am just noting, I do not feel the same way about Nazi art, though I am aware that some real effort and artists went into a lot of Nazi art. If I see something promoting Stalin, I think I would find that distasteful to wear or have a poster of. The shirt art I had was without any of that. Was something like just an upraised fist with some lightning perhaps and some sloganing.

This is not to say I am ignorant of the Soviet system, either. I have studied it quite a bit, and have been active in anti-totalitarian free internet movements. But, no, I do not believe all the art is tainted just because it comes from that system which I am glad (though not a Russian) is finished with.

The Russian people did accomplish some great (and horrible) things during their time as Communist. Much of this was achieved cruelly, but not all of it was bad. Debating that aside, frankly, their effort in the second world war was absolutely instrumental towards the defeat of the Axis powers and their cost was far greater then the Americans.

I will even go so far as to point out I consider myself anti-Communist and anti-Marxist. I see these political systems as designed to create totalitarianism. I view them as feeding off class envy and exploiting the very people it pretends to protect. Yet, no, I do not feel a taint over all Soviet era art as I do feel over all Nazi art.

Not enough apparently. Holodomor, Great Terror etc.

Band Name par excellence.

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Yep, studied even the KGB archives which has great detail on the great terror from within one of the core agencies responsible. Has little to nothing to do with any Soviet Art. Though, as you separated already my explanations from post, clearly you simply want a “win” regardless of truth about the matter. I somehow feel like I am on a showtrial, lol.

But, yes, because some might have Soviet art or create new versions of it does not mean that they nor the art has any connection with some of the atrocities of the regime.

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