Black Friday fist fight supercut


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I mean Benny Hillified!

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I stopped going to Black Fridays after some cat lady decided to use a shopping cart as a battering ram on me. Left a nasty tea saucer sized bruise on the back of my thigh.



It’s like something out of The Red Green Show.


I imagine a hockey team sitting in the locker-room, watching the fights at WalMart and cheering.


There are so many “bargain” situations where some simple reframing self-talk solves the dilemma for me.

Self: but you could save $400!!
Self: but I would pay $400 not to do that…


My god, what spectacle. My family and I went to the museum and even the very well-mannered crowd attending the craft fair there was too much for my anti-shopping sentiments.


Same same, but really doesn’t apply to most of the people caught up in that shit.


“I stood in line for three days straight to save $200 on this TV!”


“yarrr, this one on me leg I got wrestling an octopus that had gotten on board me skiff and was trying to steal me catch”

“arrrgh, that’s nothin’, this one I got back in '15, wrestling a great bear of a woman for the last 4k samsung”


Apparently it is more peaceful in other countries. There was a Black Friday sale here too, but the crowds weren’t too bad and I got a class better shoes for what I was willing to pay. (And could have them for half the price if I was not talked by somebody with better color sense to splurge for black instead of going for the much more discounted shit brown.)


72 hours to save $200 is about $2.78 an hour.
My time is worth more than that.

And I derive no entertainment value in the spectacle.




A real tragedy - all those people who don’t know how to hold a phone to shoot video.


Many stores design their sales to encourage violence.


oh god, don’t trip…


reworked :smile:


I try not to shop on Black Friday, but I can’t resist going to the WalMart just to see if there are any fights. Unfortunately, they’re rarer that you would think.


You can create your own by surreptitiously moving products from one shopper’s cart to another’s.