Shopper brandishes gun in Walmart fight


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Disgusting. This encapsulates all that is wrong with modern society. If only people would turn their phone sideways when shooting video, we could avoid this horror.


I thought that the word was that a fully armed society would be a polite society.



Which aisle has the body armor?


Well. As long as the gun-toting maniacs stay at Walmart I’ll be safe.


When Kid Rock becomes Michigan’s new senator, he’ll stick up for everyone’s right to conceal carry at WalMart

(yes, I am being sarcastic)


I like the response of the Walmart employee - turn around and clear the area. Just as any sane person would do, and there is no wage worth challenging an armed crazy person, certainly not a Walmart wage.


Which was the “good guy with a gun”?

Asking for the NRA…




He was at Target


Having worked at Walmart, I can say with 100% certainty that nothing that store sells is of high enough quality to be worth fighting for, much less pulling a gun for. Walmart customers baffle me. I worked 2 Black Friday sales there. The first one, the sale didn’t officially start until 6 am, but the store is open 24/7, so the managers told a few of us to guard the sale merchandise and not let anyone grab it early. The second customer I told couldn’t have the sale items yet looked at me like they wanted to start a fight. I backed away and made no further effort to guard the merchandise. I didn’t get paid enough for that kind of bullshit.


Throw a dead rat into a hog pen and you’ll get pretty much the same results.


Where the fuck was a gun warranted in that situation? Fucking threatening lives to break up a catfight? That customer should be arrested for assault.


Dear people at Walmart - there is NOTHING worth fighting over in the whole store. Not even the exclusive 3.75" Black Series Prototype Boba Fett in all white that I am looking for.


And loose her right to carry. Like most of us, she obviously does not have the temperament to carry a gun.


Well, the fight did stop. All’s well that ends well?


Hold on. Are telling me this incident did not end in an arrest?!?

If so, I’m quite literally horrified, but honestly I’m having a very hard time believing it. Surely someone called 911.



My God, this is beautiful.


Exactly what it’s like to live in America.