12-year-old boy pulls gun on girl and demands Chicken McNugget


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I understand the desire to not give into intimidation - it makes a much better narrative.

But for God’s sake, even a 0.1% chance that somebody is killed or seriously injured is not worth a McNugget.

Unless she was utterly certain this was a replica, it was not a wise move.

(Of course, the most emotionally satisfying moves usually aren’t.)


I’m imagining the girl acting completely blase about all of this. The story implies that she did not give him a Chicken McNugget.

Still, this is all kinds of messed up.


My question is Why does this clipart exist?


Which clip art?


That’s one of the most American headlines you’ll ever see.



re: The story - damn, those must be good nuggets. But that in your ad campaign.

Good for her fighting back. Hope they catch the kid.


You can’t blame Photoshop, man. It’s just a tool :wink:


Of course the NRA position on this will be that it would have all gone so much better if the girl had been armed as well. Maybe Trump can push through legislation to give tax breaks to families who buy uzis for their toddlers. Not only will that put an end to Mcnugget terrorism, it will ensure that we never have another tragedy like (insert name of school shooting that is currently agreed to have actually happened).


Nice hyperbole.


Just be glad chicken nuggets don’t have eyes and a mouth. :laughing:


Yeah, because we know EXACTLY what Rob would have done with that!


I like how the first couple of comments are about how the girl who had a GUN HELD TO HER HEAD should have done something different.

Any opinions on what the boy should have done?


Not have attacked her in the first place. Get his own darn nuggets?


Thank you.


I only read one that way. Seems most everyone else is fascinated by the image, imagine the girl keeping her cool, good on her, or “sheesh, America and its guns”.


Inspire me at your peril.





More hysteria on my part, I suppose.