Teen didn't want to wake up and go to school, shoots family


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Incredible the amount of anger issues some people have.


Jeez can’t just leave the house and hang out at the mall or something?


Jeez, that’s some kind’a anger issues there.


“We secretly replaced this teen’s morning coffee with Folger’s Crystals! Let’s see if he can tell the difference!”


“We’re going to call that a ‘maybe.’”


He didn’t like Tuesdays.


Judging from the results it was a decaf.

That’s always a bad idea.


Christ, what an asshole. If you must avoid school attendance at gunpoint, at least do the decent thing and shoot yourself, rather than bystanders.


This is why we can’t have nice things guns!


Is that like a shotgun wedding?


Really really really bad idea.



drinking water strained through dirt…for why?


Nobody knew he had a gun…what “responsible gun owner” is to blame, I wonder…


He could be in his last year of high-school and already be 18, (or even 19 if he’s “slow”), and purchased it completely legally.


Unless the article states that he is 16.


I’m surprised at the lack of video game blame, here.


Plus I’m pretty sure in a lot of states you need to be 21 to buy a handgun anyway. At least in my state, you can buy a shotgun at 16, a rifle at 18, a handgun at 21


In Washington State, rifles and shotguns at 18, handguns at 21.


Do you know what would have prevented this kind of horrible tragedy? Letting the FBI read the contents of my phone. Also, registering my drone.


Can we talk about gun control now?!?

Nope? Okay, carry on!

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