Toddler shoots, kills woman in Walmart





That poor fucking kid.


Poor kid indeed. If he’s lucky, he won’t remember the event in the long term. Most folks don’t retain many memories from when they were two.


Guns don’t kill people

Babies kill people…



The only thing that stops a bad toddler with a gun is a good toddler with a gun… No, wait, that can’t be right. Surely even the NRA wouldn’t divide toddlers into “good” and “bad” camps? So, uh, only a toddler with a gun can stop a toddler with a gun?


Tragic accident. Like when your kid gets into the grenade collection and blows up their little sister.


Moral of the story: keep dangerous things out of the hand of people who don’t know to use them.

I hate tragic, completely preventable accidents.


Are all the toddlers under consideration white?


Why not? Santa does. He arms kids too.


I dunno - are they “knock-out gamers” or “haters” (or illegal immigrants)? The NRA isn’t racist, you see - they’re just against certain types of (largely imaginary) behavior. Behavior that just happens - totally coincidentally, I’m sure! - to be ascribed to non-white people (who are really scary and we need guns to protect ourselves from them, oh god, oh god, where’s my gun).


How many people are lucky enough to get to die while exercising their God given 2nd Amendment right to carry a loaded handgun in their purse?


And I hate how the widespread availability of guns, and the constant fear-mongering about the supposed need to protect oneself with a gun, makes such accidents so much more likely to happen.


Gonna need another Darwin award over here!


Did we learn nothing from when Maggie Simpson shot Mr. Burns? Babies. Shouldn’t. Have. Weapons.

It’s an awful situation for the kid, and Google never forgets. Did the gun have a safety mechanism?


That’s not how that works, she was shot by her own child,


Anyone prepared gun-control bingo today?


The only shocking thing about this story:

"The store will be closed for the evening, and reopen at 6am Wednesday, according to information provided to the sheriff’s office by store managers. "


If someone 20 feet away can reach me before I get to my firearm, what does she expect a child at less than arms reach to do? I mean they are into everything, she never stood a chance.


No accidents are completely preventable. Shit always happens.


I’m pretty sure jamming a pistol into your purse isn’t standard carrying procedure. It’s likely counter-indicated in the weapon’s manual as well. In fact, the manual probably says the only safe way to carry the pistol is either in hand, or in an approved holster, or in it’s lockable case. A purse is none of those. It wasn’t really an accident so much as gross negligence. I don’t think it’s victim blaming to point out that someone who bought a deadly weapon should have had the sense to also educate themselves in the proper handling and storage of said deadly weapon.