Toddler shoots, kills woman in Walmart

‘Poor kid’? He’s more patriotic than most of us could ever hope to be!


Yes there are. One extreme example: How not to fall off a cliff? Don’t be near it. That’s preventable. In lesser extreme examples, same logic applies, it’s just the safeguards that need to be more finely tuned.

That’s awful.

That’s also a strong two-year old. I dig that the child could get the safety off with some fiddling on many sidearms, but to have chambered a round & then still be able to handle, what, a 6 pound pull on the trigger? 7 lbs?


Imagined NRA solution - concealed carry is dangerous, open carry is safer (and more threatening to them bad guys that constantly surround you at all times).

Mommy! Look! BLAM!

I don’t really think that is relevant. There are many household dangers people don’t give a second thought to, from ladders, to bath tubs, to detergent pods. With the proper care guns aren’t any more dangerous than any of these or dozens of other lurking threats. It’s when people don’t take proper precautions you end up with accidental shootings, poisonings, drownings, etc.

I too was surprised, I think most 2 year olds couldn’t pull the trigger on most guns. A heavy pull or manual safety should have twarted most of them. Of course not all guns have heavy triggers or safeties. And manual safeties aren’t too hard to figure out, though that would also mean he was unsupervised for more than a second. Purse should never had left he shoulder and been under her control at all times.

On a personal note, I still remember the wrath I faced if I ever touched my moms purse. I don’t have any idea what she hid in there (everything!), but other than handing it to her when asked we would get hell if any of us touched it looking for candy or gun or what ever.


Huh? What largely imaginary behavior are you referring to? The NRA is NOT racist. A person of any gender, race, or sexual orientation can join. The NRA, in general, believes that people fall into two categories:

  1. Honest people. These people, in general, desire to harm nobody, do not NEED more gun control laws, but they are the ones who OBEY the laws, so they are the ones that have to put up with any burdensome regulations.

  2. Criminals and/or people who INTEND to hurt others. These are the ones who should be restricted access to firearms, and yet are the ones willing to BREAK the law to get guns, in order to break more laws to hurt people. More gun laws will not stop these people.

The behavior of which group, in particular, do you think is imaginary?

Also, WHERE in any NRA web site or publication do they promote racism? Please, show me! While I am white, I have three adopted black children. I do not promote any racism at all. I will also never tell my children that “black lives matter” because I happen to believe that ALL lives matter.

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The Illustrated Guide to Law was posted here a couple years ago, but Chapter 6, Mens Rea - “I Didn’t Mean To!”, is poignant in this situation, and lays out the spectrum of culpability, from accidents to Intentional behavior. If anyone other than the (ir)responsible party had been harmed, I’d peg this at negligence.

Of course it is relevant. Do you think ladder deaths would remain unchanged if instead of steps most cities started putting ladders everywhere?


Not following your logic.

Millifink’s claim: The widespread availability of guns make gun accidents more likely to happen.

Your claim: The widespread availability of guns is irrelevant, proper care means guns are no more dangerous than ladders, etc.

My claim: @Milliefink is correct, the widespread availability of guns is relevant, the number of gun related accidents is high because guns are too widespread, this is demonstrated by arguing that if ladders were more widespread, ladder related deaths would increase.


Ok - you can say that about just about anything. The more cars on the road, even if the accident rate stays the same, will lead to more accidents. The more people you have on earth, the more accidents you will have occur. The more people who own cleaning products, the more poisonings there are. The more people who get vaccines, the more people who will have negative reactions to them.

Unless you want to stop time and freeze everyone in place it is irrelevant. Accidents will happen, it’s no excuse to stop living.

It seems a pretty good reason to reduce the number and availability of tools that are designed for the purpose of killing.


the mom had it coming for making bad choices. it was a case of self defense when the gun owner had the advantage of having the gun in her possession the child knew he would inevitably be someday in fear for his life by living in that dangerous household.
was the gun ok?


I doubt she was using one but it is possible that she had a purse with an onboard holster. Such an animal exists, and the ones I have seen are your basic codura or whatever clamshell holster secreted into an easily accessible but discreet side pouch.

Here we go again.

How can one rationally say “guns are made to kill people” when like 99.9% of them aren’t used for that. I mean how is it MILLIONS of Americans manage to use their guns several times a year and not hurt any one?

Swords are MADE for killing. Knives are MADE for killing. Clubs/Bats - originally MADE for killing. But most of us see them for other uses. If you’re only exposure to guns is what you see on TV and video games, I guess you aren’t totally to blame. But most guns are used in sports and recreation punching paper and steel plate targets.

Let’s look at how the majority of them are actually being used for. It’s not like they have a evil soul on their own.

Guns are a tool. They are not, however, a tool for punching holes in paper. Ask a hunter what a gun is for. Ask a soldier. Ask somebody that doesn’t lie.


Why do Americans have guns? There are regulations for driving, baby strollers and playing football. But stupid people (defined as people who have little coomon sense and do not follow warnings in their Owners Manual - most of us) think you can’t regulate guns away from people. The American society has a sicknes called gun mania, and it needs to be cured

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I didn’t say “guns are made to kill people”, I said guns were designed for the purpose of killing. They’re two different statements, so don’t twist my words. Rationally that is exactly what they’re designed for.

I don’t approve of the widespread availability of swords either. Knives, generally however are not designed for killing.


Swords are widely available?

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